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Stat Training Costs:
Agility +2
Charisma -1
Coordination +2
Intellect +1
Mentality +1
Perception +1
Strength -3
Vitality -3

Natural Abilities:
  • Naturally damage resistant

  • Health / stamina bonus

  • Encumbrance bonus

  • Popular Profession Choices:
  • Mercenary

  • Trooper

  • Guardian

  • Physical Description:
    The Jaddan are a massive race which ranges in height from seven to ten feet tall. They have chiseled features and their skin tone can be anything from lightly tanned to dark brown, grey, black, bronze, or pale to dark green. They have a hard nose plate which covers the bridge of their nose, and their eyes can be of almost any color. The thick skinned Jaddan have a natural resistance to injury.

    Interaction with other Jaddan:
    They are very polite and almost ceremonial in their actions when greeting others of their race. A Jaddan of lesser social circle will kneel in front of another Jaddan of upper level as a sign of respect and to receive the ceremonial blessing. Afterward, the Jaddan stands and hugs the other as a sign of friendship.

    Class is determined in many ways. The first being wealth, followed by age, and finally gender. When all other factors are equal, the male of the gender is considered to be the higher in social standing. After an initial greeting, the Jaddan consider each other to be friends and therefore no longer need to perform the greeting ritual. Always saying please and thank-you, these people are a very nice group as a whole, although they do get misunderstood or taken advantage of because of their kindness.

    Interaction with other races:
    Jaddan are often mistaken for a dumb race by others, because of their large size and impressive strength. They are admittedly a little bit lacking in smarts, but not so much so as to deserve being teased about it. Their kind and almost overly polite mannerisms cause them to be frequently be taken advantage of, but rarely do they mind or even notice. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

    Interaction with the planet:
    The Jaddan people have a very strong love of the beauty of nature and the arts. What the Jaddan lack in artistic skill they often make up for in appreciation of others' artistic talents.

    Interaction with the divine:
    They are a moon-worshipping race, and believe that they were created by 'The Great Mother'. Despite a difference in religion, the Jaddan people have tolerance and also understanding of other race’s religions even though they believe their own “Great Mother” created the other races. Jaddan are free to worship the moon in any way that they choose, and have raised up temples and shrines to accommodate those that want to pay their respects. The moon Jadda is considered to be the base of all good things, and Ilav (the red moon) is considered to be the root of all evil in the world.

    Did you know?
    Despite their slightly inferior mental capabilities, the most esteemed Mage and Psionic were both Jaddan!

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