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Staff Application Form

Personal Information
If your address or phone number cannot be accurately entered into this form (or if you have multiple addresses such as military personnel), please provide your full address in the 'summary' section.

Note: ALL selected candidates are required to provide legal proof of identity before hire.

First Name
Last Name
Date Of Birth
State       ZIP code
Phone Number
E-mail Address

Department Interest

What are you most interested in working on?

Gaming Experience

Tell us a little bit about your gaming experience. How long you have
played FRPGs, interest in non-fantasy games, pen-and-paper games, computer games
MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, and anything else you can think of.

Time playing pen-and-paper games (D&D,
      ShadowRun, GURPs, Star Wars, etc.
Time DM'ing for any pen-and-paper
      game (D&D, ShadowRun, GURPs, etc.)
Time playing MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, MUCKs, etc.
Time as a MUD implimentor/builder
Time playing Eaxia Online
Time playing Haelrahv
Time playing EverQuest, EverQuest Online
      Adventures, EverQuest II
Time playing Dark Age of Camelot
Time playing Diablo II
Time playing Ultima Online
Time playing Asheron's Call
Time playing World Of Warcraft
Time playing Dungeons & Dragons Online
Time playing Lineage, Lineage II
Time playing Star Wars Galaxies
Time playing Matrix Online
Time playing Final Fantasy XI
Time playing Horizons: Empire of Istaria
Time playing Saga of Ryzom
Time playing Guild Wars
Time playing Gemstone IV, DragonRealms,
      Alliance of Heroes, Modus Operandi
Time playing other MMORPGs

Technical Experience

Years using Java
      (not JavaScript)
Years using PHP
Time using a SQL server
      (MS, MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
Years using Visual Basic
I can... start my computer
run most of the programs on my computer
run WinZip and archive & extract files
change most of the settings in my common
      programs and know what it means when I
      make those changes
defragment my hard drive
configure Outlook or Outlook Express to
      check e-mail from a POP3 account
run my own FTP and/or web server
      without much guidance
hex-edit binary-format files
convert UNIX text files to Windows and

Formal Education

Please describe your formal education.  Include any certificates or
degrees as well as any open classes you are currently taking.

Creative Example

Please give us a freestyle example of your creativity.  Some
people choose to write room descriptions, other people describe items or
unique system ideas.  Feel free to use some creative liberty and
show us what you're made of.


Briefly summarize why you want to volunteer some time developing and assistng
the continued growth of Haelrahv and why you feel you are qualified to do so.

Time Commitment

How many hours, weekly, do you expect you can regularly commit to the Haelrahv project?


Would you be willing and able to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that specifies under penalty of civil law that you are forbidden from sharing company secrets or documents?

Would you be willing and able to sign a Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) that specifies under penalty of civil law that you are forbidden to own or work for a competing online gaming product?


Because Haelrahv is at this time a free product and therefore has no income, the proprietor of the product operates it at a loss. For this reason, staff members are not currently compensated monetarily for their work.

If at a later time the product generates sufficient revenue, staff members may be compensated monetarily for their work from that point. Until such time, compensation guarantee is limited solely to a free playing account.

Do you agree to work under these terms?


All products are registered trademarks of their respective owners and copyrighted under United States and international law, where applicable.  All rights reserved.

All content is copyrighted © 2001-2023 Role-Players Gaming Network.  All rights reserved.
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