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Poisons can be created by Agents and Medics with sufficient training in the poisons skill. Characters of all professions may use poisons by applying them to weapons. While not suggested, it is possible to ingest poisons by drinking them.

At appropriate skill levels, Agents may ASK their trainer ABOUT POISONS to learn new mixtures.

Vial of Pain [ Class C Poison, 42 Skill]
This mixture will inflict damage upon the infected for a period of time.

Vial of Draining [ Class C Poison, 54 Skill]
This venom will drain the inner power of spellcasters, psionics and others who use supernatural or magical powers for a period of time.

Vial of Misery [ Class C Poison, 66 Skill]
This mixture causes fatigue and slows the movements of the infected.

Vial of Distraction [ Class O Poison, 78 Skill]
This toxic mixture will adversely affect one's coordination and agility.

Vial of Weakness [ Class O Poison, 90 Skill]
This toxin causes a distinct lack of strength and vitality.

Vial of Helplessness [ Class O Poison, 102 Skill]
This virulent mixture muddles the mind of the affected, reducing intellect and mentality.

Vial of Ineptitude [ Class O Poison, 114 Skill]
Those affected by this toxin suffer reduced perception and charisma.

Vial of Immobilization [ Class T Poison, 126 Skill]
This deadly poison can immobilize and incapacitate, quickly rendering one completely helpless.

Vial of Plague [ Class T Poison, 138 Skill]
Those affected by this potent mixture will be swept with waves of dizziness and disorientation.

The Black Vial [ Class T Poison, 150 Skill]
This deadly toxin is a more potent form of the Vial of Pain, inflicting greater amounts of damage over time.

Nervewrack [ Class C Poison, 172 Skill]
This mixture will impair mental functions of the victim, causing slowness, paralysis or immobilization, though the result can be erratic.

Eyesore [ Class T Poison, 192 Skill]
This dangerous concotion will inflict injury upon the eyes of the victim and generally impair perception.

Adrenaline Rush [ Class C Poison, 219 Skill]
Both blessing and curse, this mixture is at times intentionally ingested. Its effects cause a burst of adrenaline that quickens the pulse, leading to faster circulation. While the affected person will feel stronger and recover from wounds more easily, they will also bleed far more profusely and lesser bleeding wounds risk the chance of bleeding the victim dry.

Scalding Veins [ Class T Poison, 236 Skill]
This deadly mixture is said to feel like lava being pumped through one's veins just before internal organs suffer severe structural failure.

Vial of Bloodletting [ Class C Poison, 278 Skill]
Whomever is affected by this poison will bleed more heavily from their wounds.

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