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Agents are well-rounded individuals that may choose to use an array of weapons and often rely on the best available technology. They typically are well-versed in skills involving stealth and in dealing with security systems.

Bonuses: Reduced engagement time, Increased stealing and stealth ability; Increased and faster security abilities, Reduced darkness-related penalties; Increased streetwise ability.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Marksmanship, Security, Stealth, Streetwise.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Electronics, Evasion, Intimidation, Light Armor, Parry, Poisons, Security, Stealing, Stealth, Streetwise.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 8, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 8, Intellect: 3, Mentality: 4, Perception: 8, Strength: 3, Vitality: 3.

12% of all characters are Agents.

Artisans are the craftsmen, artists and creators that make much of the worlds goods by hand. Artisans may learn to craft a wide array of things, as well as repair most broken items.

Bonuses: Increased crafting, repair and tailoring ability; Increased durability for all crafted items; Increased painting, sculpting and drawing ability; Less wear and tear for all tools used, excluding weapons and armor.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Craftsmanship, Painting, Repair, Tailoring.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Appraisal, Cooking, Craftsmanship, Drawing, Painting, Repair, Research, Sculpting, Security, Tailoring.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 3, Charisma: 6, Coordination: 7, Intellect: 5, Mentality: 5, Perception: 7, Strength: 4, Vitality: 3.

7% of all characters are Artisans.

The Bureaucrat is your typical politician, lawyer, businessperson or teacher. Bureaucrats are charismatic and influential, and often gather wealth and power through their influence.

Bonuses: Increased ability to intimidate or persuade; Increased streetwise ability; Increased interest payments on banked funds; Reduced building-related costs; Commodities trading has no negative affect on global commodity value; May receive highest premiums when selling most good to shops, pawns and vendors.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Intimidation, Law, Persuasion, Research.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Appraisal, Athletics, Aviation, Dancing, Driving, Intimidation, Law, Nautical, Persuasion, Research, Riding, Streetwise.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 4, Charisma: 9, Coordination: 4, Intellect: 5, Mentality: 6, Perception: 5, Strength: 3, Vitality: 4.

5% of all characters are Bureaucrats.

Servants of an ancient holy order established by the Jaddan to protect the world of Haelrahv, Guardians are powerful warriors, but strive to solve conflicts peacefully when possible. The modern order is assembled of members of all of the great races, not just Jaddan. Through a lifetime of study and dedication to their order, Guardians learn to harness powers that lend strength to their cause. As part of their personal code, Guardians do not use weapons or armor, choosing to rely on their bodies instead.

Bonuses: Increased speed in combat; Increased resistances to damage; Increased natural charisma.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Acrobatics, Evasion, Intimidation, Research.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Evasion, Intimidation, Medicine, Occult Lore, Persuasion, Parry, Research, Spell Research, Stealth, Tactics.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 6, Charisma: 6, Coordination: 6, Intellect: 3, Mentality: 4, Perception: 3, Strength: 6, Vitality: 6.

6% of all characters are Guardians.

Mages harness the powers of magic to create spells, ranging from powerful attacks and defenses, to utility spells and fancy and colorful shows.

Bonuses: Increased magic points; Reduced preparation time for spellcasting; Increased spell effectiveness; Increased alchemical ability.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Alchemy, Research, Spell Casting, Spell Research.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Alchemy, Appraisal, Ecology, Persuasion, Research, Spell Casting, Spell Research.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 4, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 7, Intellect: 9, Mentality: 6, Perception: 4, Strength: 3, Vitality: 4.

9% of all characters are Mages.

Medics attend to the sick and injured within society, and have extensive training on anatomy, physiology and other medical sciences. They tend to rely heavily on technology.

Bonuses: Increased health recovery when using any healing or surgery technique; Faster ability in using healing or surgery techniques; Increased potency for any medicines or alchemical mixtures made, regardless of who uses them.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Electronics, Medicine, Research, Surgery.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Alchemy, Aviation, Climbing, Driving, Ecology, Electronics, Light Armor, Medicine, Poisons, Research, Skinning, Surgery, Swimming.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 3, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 7, Intellect: 7, Mentality: 7, Perception: 4, Strength: 3, Vitality: 6.

6% of all characters are Medics.

Fighters for hire. Mercenaries tend to excel in a variety of weapons. What they lack in the use of armors and defensive skills, they make up for with superior offensive power.

Bonuses: Reduced attack roundtimes; Increased attack ability; Increased damage dealt in combat; Increased stamina points.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Evasion, Light Armor, Parry, Tactics.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Craftsmanship, Evasion, Handle Animal, Light Armor, Parry, Pulse Weapons, Repair, Shield Use, Tactics.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 7, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 7, Intellect: 3, Mentality: 3, Perception: 3, Strength: 7, Vitality: 7.

9% of all characters are Mercenaries.

Performers soothe the soul with beautiful music, and may learn to play a variety of instruments, as well as sing, dance and so on. In addition, they have learned to tap into the power of magic and weave it into their song.

Bonuses: Increased proficiency in music, singing and dancing; Increased persuasion ability; Increased magic song effectiveness; Increased ability to create or repair musical instruments.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dancing, Singing.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dancing, Evasion, Persuasion, Repair, Rhythm Instruments, Singing, Spell Casting, Spell Research, Stringed Instruments, Wind Instruments.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 5, Charisma: 9, Coordination: 5, Intellect: 3, Mentality: 5, Perception: 5, Strength: 3, Vitality: 5.

5% of all characters are Performers.

Psionics harness powerful abilities fueled by the mind and paranormal forces they tap into. Psionics specialize in telepathy, telekinetics and so on.

Bonuses: Increased psionic points; Increased psionic ability effectiveness; Increased ability to identify or use occult artifacts.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Intimidation, Occult Lore, Persuasion, Psionic Ability.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Appraisal, Drawing, Ecology, Intimidation, Occult Lore, Persuasion, Psionic Ability, Research.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 3, Charisma: 6, Coordination: 4, Intellect: 6, Mentality: 9, Perception: 4, Strength: 3, Vitality: 5.

10% of all characters are Psionics.

Technicians specialize in the use and creation of technology and are always aware of the newest devices and how they work. They are inventors and creators.

Bonuses: Increased ability to use of all technology/devices; Increased research ability; Increased proficiency in Aviation, Driving and Nautical; Increased ability to use pulse weapons; Increased security ability; Increased electronics ability.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Aviation, Electronics, Repair, Research.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Appraisal, Aviation, Driving, Electronics, Light Armor, Medicine, Pulse Weapons, Repair, Research, Security, Tactics.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 3, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 7, Intellect: 9, Mentality: 6, Perception: 6, Strength: 3, Vitality: 3.

6% of all characters are Technicians.

Trackers are at home outside of civilization, in the wilds. They have a deep understanding of plants, animals and the interactions between both. They are excellent at tracking, trapping, skinning, handling animals, forestry and so on.

Bonuses: Increased proficiency in athletics, climbing, fishing, nautical, skinning, swimming, tanning, tracking and woodworking; Increased chance to strike with bows and non-pulse guns; Increased ability to train and handle animals.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Climbing, Ecology, Skinning, Tracking.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Climbing, Craftsmanship, Ecology, Evasion, Fishing, Handle Animal, Medicine, Nautical, Parry, Repair, Riding, Skinning, Stealing, Stealth, Swimming, Tailoring, Tracking.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 6, Charisma: 4, Coordination: 6, Intellect: 4, Mentality: 4, Perception: 6, Strength: 5, Vitality: 5.

11% of all characters are Trackers.

Troopers are strong fighters, skilled in a variety of weapons and combat tactics. They typically choose to rely more on their own bodies and skills than technology or magic, but may choose to enhance their abilities with either. Troopers typically wear the heaviest and most powerful armor.

Bonuses: Increased defensive ability; Increased health points; Less armor use skill required for all armor types; Less essence depleted per biotech device implanted or attached.

Core (Auto-Trained) Skills: Evasion, Heavy Armor, Pulse Weapons, Tactics.

Profession (Triple-Trainable) Skills: Athletics, Driving, Evasion, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Medicine, Parry, Pulse Weapons, Shield Use, Tactics.

Base Statistics:
Agility: 6, Charisma: 3, Coordination: 6, Intellect: 3, Mentality: 3, Perception: 4, Strength: 9, Vitality: 6.

7% of all characters are Troopers.

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