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Enchanting 101

Enchanting 101: How to Enchant Weaponry

The Requirements
To enchant a weapon, first one must possess a rare artifact called a "hiepahred". These artifacts are imbued with words of power that may be passed on to objects through a toilsome process. Secondly, five crystals - dim or glowing in form - are required. Lastly, a special place of power called the Altar of the Hiepahredic Magi must be accessed. The only means to harness the hiepahred is through the altar created by these ancient magi.

The Process
A skilled mage of extreme proficiency is required. Any less would be a failure, if not disaster. Such a mage needs to place the weapon, hiepahred and five crystals upon the Altar of the Hiepahredic Magi and begin the ENCHANT process. After some time, the hiepahred will be consumed as well as the five crystals and the weapon will absorb the power of the hiepahred.

Classifications of Hiepahred
There are six known classifications of hiepahred. While their uses vary, each classification refers to a rarity and general level of power that hiepahred possesses. All hiepahred are rare, however, some are almost mythical in nature because of their rarity. There are rumored to be at least twenty five different types of hiepahred.

Out of Character Notes

Acquiring Hiepahred
Hiepahred only exist as treasure in chests found while hunting. They are very rare and valuable. Any hiepahred found can be used for enchanting or sold. It is likely that some characters will pay more for a hiepahred than stores will, but stores pay very well for such items. The more rare the hiepahred, the more valuable. Hiepahred are only found on stronger creatures in the world.

Using Hiepahred
Only a Mage of level 80 or higher can enchant. A hiepahred of specific type may only be added to a weapon once, so hiepahred of the same type cannot be stacked. All 25 hiepahred that are known to exist can potentially be placed upon a single weapon. Marksmanship and pulse weapons cannot use hiepahred, nor fired exotic weapons such as flamethrowers. Hiepahred can be used to enchant melee, pole, thrown and archery weapons.

Effects of Hiepahred
The effect a hiepahred grants to a weapon varies, but these can include resistance to damage for its wielder, extra damage inflicted when used, augmentation of the weapon's weight, swiftness in the weapon's speed (load, swing, throw, etc.) and much more.

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