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Player Policy




The purpose of this document is to outline the policies by which users may participate in the Haelrahv gaming service by Role-Players Gaming Network ("R.P.G.N."). This policy is to be adhered to by both Haelrahv staff members ("staff") and Haelrahv players ("player", "user", "account owner", and "account holder") to ensure fair dealings with and enjoyment of participants.


Haelrahv will always be an evolving game, continually striving to meet the user needs for entertainment. As such there will be periods of upgrades, both of a software and hardware nature, which may affect the availability of the game. R.P.G.N. is obligated to make reasonable efforts to correct software problems and to return the game to service as quickly as possible. R.P.G.N. is not responsible for interruption in service unrelated to their own hardware or software, such as, but not limited to, internet routers, user's internet service provider, etc. R.P.G.N. is not obligated to credit customers with any form of data pertaining to the game (experience, game wealth, lost items, etc.) resulting from interruptions in service (see section 5.0 for exceptions).

Haelrahv is presented on an "as is" basis and use of the game is considered to be the user's acceptance to this policy, future published policies, and any risk incurred in a multi-user online gaming service. R.P.G.N. reserves the right to publish new policy documents or revisions either on their website or through announcement within the gaming environment (including general announcements, system login news, etc.) The user is responsible for keeping themselves informed as to the content of published policies and any revisions made therein. The user is also responsible for providing the necessary equipment, software, and rendering any fees for online internet access (such as obtaining the services of an internet service provider (I.S.P.)) in order to connect to the Haelrahv gaming service.


R.P.G.N. reserves the right to make modifications and additions to the Haelrahv software and hardware without prior notice. Changes will be required to expand the gaming system, to better balance the game between character professions, to resolve software conflicts (i.e. software bugs), to increase the difficulty of some game systems in an attempt to further challenge users, etc. Playing enjoyment is subjective in nature - not everyone will value or enjoy the changes made to the Haelrahv gaming service. Any changes incurred (with the exception of software bug repairs) will focus on improving the playing enjoyment of the majority of the users in an effort to meet overall player satisfaction.


Occassionally, any number of small or large portions of the gaming environment may fail to operate in a manner that the staff intends. Instances of this system behavior are called "bugs" (a.k.a "software defects"). Should a player become aware of any bug, it is the player's responsibility to report it to the game staff immediately and it is the player's responsibility to avoid interaction with any game systems that involve the bug. For example, if you find a "weapon" or a combination of "attacks" to deal a far greater amount of damage than you expect, it is your responsiblity to inform the staff so that we can investigate any possible problems with our system and to preserve game balance and fairness.

Taking advantage of any bug that gives a player any advantage or causes the system or environment to behave in a way that is unexpected either by transmitting special characters to the game or by using normal game mechanics (regardless of method) is a violation of policy. It is the player's responsibility to inform the Haelrahv staff of bugs, either through the in-game "REPORT" command, contact form (, or other available means. Any advantage gained through exploitation of bugs (whether it is experience, gain of items, gain of game currency, etc.) will be removed without warning or appeal. In addition, the player may receive an official warning entered into their personal record.


Delay in game response ("lag", also sometimes called "fog" from a role-playing perspective) is considered a normal playing condition for an online gaming service to some degree. Typically, this lag will be unnoticeable or minimal such that it will not adversely affect gameplay. Lag can occur for a number of reasons such as when internet routers fail, network congestion/traffic (both internet and intranet), poor user connections through their I.S.P., etc. Occasionally our hardware or software may fail in such a way that causes the service to become completely unavailable, if only for a relatively short time. Such a failure is often also called a "game crash" or "system crash". For instances where lag or service unavailability is caused by hardware or software problems with the Haelrahv gaming service, players may be entitled to compensation as listed below.


Should the possession of a player (character, item, or home) become corrupt from the results of a system crash, it will be repaired pending the availability of the staff to do so. Should a home or item become missing due to a crash it will be replaced (pending verification that the home or item existed and was previously in that player's possession). Items lost that were located on "the ground" will not be replaced. Items lost through normal janitorial mechanics that were on "the ground" will not be replaced. Janitorial mechanics includes any and all game system that removes items on "the ground" from non-occupied rooms as part of normal maintenance to ensure the response time of the game.


Should a character die as a result of severe lag or system crash and thus be at risk of item or character development loss, the character will be restored to life and health.


Any attempt by a user to abuse this portion of policy may result in an official warning, to be placed in their permanent records.


Haelrahv Counselors (sometimes also referred to as GameMasters, or GM's) have a right to monitor all activity in the gaming environment. Counselors will only monitor the activities in private areas or where private conversations / meetings take place if they have reasonable concern that discussions regarding activity that violates this policy or is illegal in real life are occurring or if a public player meeting is being held in the home or other typically private location, which has been advertised on message board areas or broadcasted in the gaming environment by players. Only the owners of R.P.G.N. have the right to monitor all aspects of the game without restrictions. It is not the habit of Haelrahv staff to eavesdrop on private conversations and staff found in violation, poor use, or irresponsible use of this practice will be held accountable to disciplinary actions as outlined within staff policy.

Likewise, users (and staff members) have a responsibility to maintain a degree of confidentiality for their fellow players. Unauthorized broadcasting of private real life information through Haelrahv / R.P.G.N. media (message boards, in-game environment, etc.) is considered in violation of policy. Real life is defined as activity outside of the game environment or activities that are not part of official Haelrahv role-playing plots or events. Such information would include a player's real name, address, phone number, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and other characters that that person may play within Haelrahv or other gaming services of R.P.G.N. Haelrahv staff strive to protect the players' rights to privacy. Release of such personal information to a disturbed individual could result in physical harm or stalking of that player outside of the game. For this reason, violation of this section of policy is considered a serious issue and a warning will be placed in the player's permanent records.

There are no mechanics available to game staff to review text files that the game server produces on its local disk drives with a detailed log of commands and data pertinent to the game, except for the Haelrahv game owner (Rich Mondy, aka Trevor Rage). Information and communication transmitted through these system log files is considered confidential and private, but may be monitored in the event that an investigation is required to resolve a situation or locate a problem. In general, these log files are rarely accessed and read, but when they are, it is only by the game owner.


Counselors are often "on duty" to assist players with problems with game mechanics, to answer questions, and to resolve conflicts between players. Staff are not permitted to reveal puzzle solutions or to give the player any unfair game advantage through character development, such as elevation in abilities or experience nor is a Counselor permitted to give a player items without authorization via staff policy, or express permission by the game owner with the exception of pre-approved promotional or merchant events.



Characters may, at the request of the owning user, be transferred from an account owned by a user to another account (owned by anyone). The player owning the character will be required to submit a "Character Transfer Request" found here. Any user who assumes another user's account or accepts a transfer from the other user for a character transfer also accepts the responsibility for any violation marks recorded on that account as if they were their own.


Occassionally it is necessary to purge the database of unused character data. Characters that remain on an account that has not been used in several months will be at risk of being permanently deleted as well as all other characters on the account. Should you plan to be gone from the game for an extended period of time due to travel, financial situation, etc., please send us a message here to note your account as being placed "on hold". This will show your intent to return to the game, thus preventing your character(s) from being purged. Once a character has been purged, the character cannot and will not be restored by Haelrahv staff. It is the player's responsibility to take the necessary steps to place the account on hold, to play the character with minimal regularity, or to maintain an active subscription for that account.


Character names that contain vulgarity or profanity are not acceptable in the Haelrahv game system. Any character name found to contain such words or phrases in any language will be renamed, and the user may receive an official warning in that user's permanent record.

With exception of the above cases, generally, whether a name is considered inappropriate or unacceptable will be determined by the game community. Players who notice a name that seems inappropriate may use the BADNAME command to "report" this name. After a set number of such reports, the staff will contact this player to request a new name of their choice, and rename them. Note that there are some limitations on the use of BADNAME, such as the level of the player. Complete discretion is given to the gaming community as to names, in such a way that the game designers and staff feel is best to maintain a game world the community finds most enjoyable as a whole with little staff interference or obstruction.

Should any player or group of players in any way abuse, or scheme to abuse the BADNAME mechanics or policy to harass a specic person, said player or group of players may receive an official warning to be logged into their permanent record.

In a few special cases, the staff may feel a name must be changed, even without a necessary number of BADNAME reports. Such cases are rare, and in such cases available staff will strive to concert with each other to determine if a character rename is necessary before issuing such a decision.

Some reasons why the community may feel a name is inappropriate include "garbage" names such as Asjskjkdk Doieddslk or Aaaaaaa Bbbbbbb; "celebrity" names such as Britney Spears or Mickey Mantle; names similar to existing characters; "title" names such as Ranger Fred or Assassin Bob; Trademarked or celebrity-fantasy names such as Darth Vader or Mickey Mouse.


Account holders acknowledge and attest that they are 18 years of age or older and agree to adhere by the content of all R.P.G.N. policies defined herein or in additional documents currently existing or created in the future. This agreement is not assignable by the user. User may not sublicense, rent, sell, assign or transfer rights and privileges granted pursuant to this policy, or services, except as provided in this policy. R.P.G.N.'s failure to enforce, at any time, any of the provisions of this policy shall in no way be construed to be a present or future waiver of such provisions.

Any account holder that allows a minor to access R.P.G.N. through their account assumes full legal responsibility for the User's actions and well-being. R.P.G.N. shall not be liable for the actions of its users and how they may adversely affect other players both within Haelrahv and in real life. R.P.G.N. cares about its users and will enforce policy to the full extent in an effort to prevent harm and to preserve the role-playing atmosphere.

Account holders suspected to be underage will be asked to produce legal proof of their age. If copies of such legal records cannot be produced or the user refuses to do so, the account the account holder has been using will be terminated immediately and without appeal until such records are produced. Should it become known that an account holder is underage, the account holder will require their parent's or legal guardian's permission and acceptance to these policies and rules as well as responsibility as "acting account holder" on behalf of the minor before the minor can continue playing.


R.P.G.N. will never solicit password information from players. Do not be fooled by e-mail letters asking for this information - it will not be legitimate. Access or billing issues will never be handled through an online chat or message system such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, etc. If you share your account access with someone else, you do so at your own risk. The owning user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password, thus is liable for any damages resulting from its disclosure. Possessions missing from hacked accounts will not be replaced.

To better protect your account from hacking attempts it is strongly recommend that your password consist of both numbers and letters in a random order. Phrases, words, or keys next to each other on the keyboard can be easily deciphered through a password hacking program. For instance, do not use "candlestick" or "qwert" for a password. You would want to use something similar to "bdk8op91" (do not use this since it's published in this document). Use as many letters/numbers as the password field will permit when creating your account. Also, get in the habit of changing your password frequently.


It is the account holder's responsibility to maintain the accuracy of their account information. The information is required to verify the true identity of the account holder for proper handling of the account disposition with regard to service charges, transfers, and resolving any problem stemming from violation of policy and resolving billing conflicts. The account holder attests that the account information is accurate and current and agrees to maintain the information in accordance with R.P.G.N. policy. The Account Holder assumes all responsibility for the security of their information. R.P.G.N. will not release any personal or account information to non-authorized users. Authorized users are defined as those who provide the correct answer to the account security question.



Quests of all types, regardless of if it is a special event at an additional cost or if it is a simple in-game quest as part of guild advancement, should remain a secret. They were created for the enjoyment of players by challenging their knowledge and abilities. Public broadcast of these puzzles in any format such as posting on the boards, mail rings, or a website is in violation of policy which will result in an official warning being placed in the user's permanent records. This is not to say that you cannot send a private e-mail to a friend or hold a private discussion. However, any discussion of puzzles or hints given should be conducted in a private manner so that users who wish to solve them on their own may do so.

Disruptive quest participants may be removed from the quest without reimbursement. Such behavior may include being persistently out-of-character, revelation of puzzle answers prior to attempting to solve them (publicizing quest solutions obtained prior to the event), or aggressive behavior toward other participants that violates the "Code of Player Conduct" defined within this policy. Removal of a participant from the quest is at the discretion of the Counselor conducting the event.

R.P.G.N. may run the same quest multiple times to allow as many players as possible to enjoy the event. R.P.G.N. makes no guarantees that everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the quests as they are held on a first come, first served basis.

Quests can be more dangerous to a character and their belongings than the normal play environment. Loss of inventory, skills, health, or permanent death of a character may result. R.P.G.N. will not replace lost items, skills, health, or characters. A player may REPORT that they with to be removed from a quest, though once removed they will not be allowed to enter the quest again.

R.P.G.N. understands that at times real-life (RL) events may cause a player to be late to a quest. We sympathize with your dilemma as you have paid for the enjoyment of the event, and will transport your character into the quest based upon the following rules:

10.1.1 If a quest is scheduled to last 4 hours, players arriving no more than 1 hour late will be transported into the quest.

10.1.2 If a quest is scheduled to last 8 to 24 hours, players arriving no more than 2 hours late will be transported into the quest.

10.1.3 If a quest is scheduled to last 2 days, players may be transferred into the quest at any time on the first day, but during no time on the second day.

It is the GM's discretion as to the location that your character will be transported. Typically it will be where the majority of the quest team is located. Once a player is in the quest area, should they leave the game they will not be transported again unless it is a two-day event, which case the transportation will occur on the following day. This restriction is in place to prevent abuse of game mechanics by players getting lost from the group while in the quest. Should the player have a legitimate real-life reason then transportation is at the discretion of the GM running the quest.

R.P.G.N. will not refund the cost of quests, which the player missed or was removed from either by choice or due to violation of policy. Any quest, which was canceled due to hardware or software problems of R.P.G.N., will be rescheduled at R.P.G.N. convenience. Players may choose to transfer their quest to another person/character if they find they are unable to attend. Such transfer must occur at least three (3) days prior to the start of the quest. R.P.G.N. will not transfer charges to the new attendee - the original purchaser is responsible for the charges to R.P.G.N. Any monetary compensation for the transfer is between those two players.


There may be instances where special carnivals, festivities, or auctions will be held for an additional cost. Game mechanics will be in place to allow players to enter or leave at will. Therefore, GMs will not transport players into the event unless there is a problem with game mechanics, which prevents an authorized participant from accessing the event area.

R.P.G.N. will not refund the cost of festivals/auctions, which the player missed or was removed from due to violation of policy. Any festival or auction, which was canceled due to hardware or software problems of R.P.G.N., will be rescheduled at R.P.G.N. convenience. Players may choose to transfer their festival/auction admission to another person/character if they find they are unable to attend. Such transfer must occur at least three (3) days prior to the start of the event, if R.P.G.N. assistance is required for the player to gain access. If access is granted with a special in-game item such as a ticket, which is in the possession of the original purchaser, then transfer of that ticket is the player's responsibility. R.P.G.N. will not transfer charges to the new attendee - the original purchaser is responsible for the charges to R.P.G.N. Any monetary compensation for the transfer is between those two players.


Haelrahv is a project that is funded by player subscriptions and the donation efforts of both our staff and our players. The below outline our individual donation policies for the following services and donational efforts:

10.3.1 Monthly Subscriptions. We consider payment for subscription services to Haelrahv a fee rendered for said services and offer a refund to any subscriber who terminates his/her account (for any reason) or who's account is terminated. The refund amount will be equal to the total unused portion of credit remaining. Special rules apply to prepaid packages, see section 10.3.4.

10.3.2 Quests. Quests are special events that a player may optionally become involved with by purchasing a ticket to participate. Quest tickets will be refunded only on the following terms: (a) there is a mutually-agreed defect or unacceptable condition of the quest (such as a malfunction of our server, disruptive gaming environment caused by other players, etc.) and our staff is made aware of this within one (1) hour after or during the occurance and (b) if the quest ticket has not been used. A 'used' quest ticket infers that the person who will be participating on the designated quest date and time has not yet began participating.

10.3.3 Donations. All other donations given to the Haelrahv gaming service will only be refunded if the donation was placed less than four (4) days before the refund was officially requested (through e-mail correspondence). After this period, we are not obligated to providing a refund for any donations.

None of the above services are transferable between types, but we do allow transfers of credits to other accounts. Write us a message here if you have any questions.

10.3.4 Prepaid Subscription Packages. Prepaid subscriptions are offered at a discount with the express purpose of securing a player's patronage for a time period beyond a single month. Due to the promotional nature of these packages, prepaid subscription packages are not refundable.

10.3.5 Account Holds. Account holders may request that any subcription time remaining on their account be placed on a "hold" status. During this time, a player's Standard account benefits are revoked. When such time occurs that a player wishes to reactivate their Standard account, they may request such and any time that had previously remained will be added to the account as a subscription. This applies to both monthly and prepaid subscriptions.

10.3.6 Housing. Standard account holders are entitled to specific benefits such as player housing. Such benefits may require account owners to maintain a Standard account. Housing is subject to resale or deletion after a reasonable time has expired, should an account owner leave active subscription status for a lengthy amount of time.

10.3.7 Additional Disclaimers. All benefits provided to Standard account holders are subject to availability constraints. No benefit provided is expressed or implied to extend beyond active subcription status. Benefits may be revoked, suspended, or repealed at the discretion of RPGN. Application, availability and usability of all Standard account holder benefits are subject to RPGN discretion.



Scripting while away from the keyboard (A.F.K.) will not be tolerated and will result in an official warning being issued in the user's permanent record as well as loss of past and/or future experience point gain determined by the number of warnings the player has previously received. Scripting is term that applies to a player using any programmable or automated method to send a series of responses to the game without user interaction. Such methods employed to automate gameplay for the purposes of character development, item gain, wealth gain, health gain, or for any other reason are not acceptable and are a violation of this policy. Players are expected to respond to the game environment in an effort to promote role-playing and to preserve the atmosphere of the game. A character found to be unresponsive to staff checks will be considered to be away-from-keyboard (A.F.K.) and in violation of policy. These checks can take any form, such as a specially-sent message, an unusual role-playing occurrence, etc. In all cases, the staff will provide the player with at minimum three minutes to respond to "script check" messages and will ensure as many messages are sent as needed to be easily viewed even in high-scroll environments.


Use of profanity or vulgarity is not monitored, discouraged, or enforced within any area of Haelrahv by staff. The player community is free to determine if a player's speech or actions are in conflict with public decency standards set by themselves, and any actions determined appropriate may be taken so long as they do not violate these policies. See section 11.6 in reference to vulgarity or extreme language directed toward staff members.


Harassment which is taken "out of character" through external game communications such as chat rooms, online messaging systems, telephone, postal mail, or in-person visits directed against another R.P.G.N. User/Player, will result in the offensive User/Player's account being terminated immediately and without appeal. For such termination to occur the victim must have legal authorities contact R.P.G.N. with a request of non-contact. Victims of this type of harassment may petition R.P.G.N. to have their character's name changed.

"In character" (IC) harassment is covered by section 11.8 of this player policy.


Non-role-playing behavior also referred to as "out of character" or "out of genre" is not desirable by users/players in forms that can be viewed by other players. Conversations containing such discussions should be kept to whispers or in the privacy of the user/player's in-game home. (Example: "Phone call", "I keep getting disconnected", "I have a 24 in my strength stat") The only except to this is during a session directly involving Haelrahv staff.

The use of non-alphanumeric ASCII symbols in character speech may be considered as being "out of character". An example of this would be, "**** Selling a black silk cloak*****", or :P ,or :-) etc. Use of modern slang words or internet "chat-slang" such as dude, kewl, U2, U (instead of You), WTF, AFK, BRB, BRT is considered "out of character".

"Out of Character" behavior is also defined as repetitive scrolling of the screen with actions or words that disrupt the play of others. Such behavior lessens the enjoyment of other players and is considered rude.

In all such cases, the staff consider this matter "low priority" and will not typically respond to or enforce any action in accordance to this behavior, however, should the player be determined an extreme disturbance by a concert of staff or the game owner, a warning may be placed in their permanent record.


Scamming players/users out of items, game currency, etc. by using "throw-away" characters is in violation of policy. "Throw-away" characters are defined as characters with minimal game play when compared to the average game-time of Haelrahv characters and are primarily used in scams, item theft, or actions that decrease the playing enjoyment of others. Typically this type of character is not a player's primary character.

Leaving the game to avoid repercussions of a scam is in violation of policy as it is considered abuse of game mechanics. The character must stay in game at least 30 minutes following the scam. Should the victim approach the character at a future time with regards to the scam, then the character must stay in-game 30 minutes after verbal contact. If you don't have time to devote to a scam, then don't pull one. Players that violate this section of policy will receive an official warning in their permanent record.

R.P.G.N. does not condone scams nor will it condemn them unless the player abuses game mechanics. Scams can be a means of role-playing an "evil" character. If you chose to take this course of action, you will have to deal with the role-playing consequences from other characters. Haelrahv staff will not replace scammed items or currency.


All Haelrahv staff consultations, sessions, and communications with players are considered to be "out of character" (unless the situation involved a staff character not using a staff-specific title at a public game area). It is the player's responsibility to conduct all gameplay under the rule, guidance, and direction of the staff. Players are required to follow all instructions the staff may give with respect to the gaming environment and all mediums R.P.G.N. owns and operates. During sessions where players are being assisted by staff at the player's request ("assists") players are expected to behave in accordance with this Player Policy. It is the player's responsibility to demonstrate respectful attitude and a cooperative nature towards all staff at all times.

Players who express a disrepectful attitude to include harassment, insult, or vulgarity directed toward any staff member may receive a warning in their permanent record.


Users/Players may not engage in any unlawful conduct or communication while using R.P.G.N. services. R.P.G.N. reserves the right to terminate User's/Player's account if it determines that the User/Player has engaged in unacceptable conduct. Unacceptable and Unlawful Conduct may include (but not limited to) such behavior as:

11.7.1 Impersonating any R.P.G.N. staff members in any fashion either in-game, through the Haelrahv website, or any other online services

11.7.2 Transmitting any threatening, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content in any format through R.P.G.N. services, which may violate real-life state, local, national, or international law

11.7.3 Posting, transmitting, or soliciting in-game or on the Haelrahv website any information pertaining to chain letters, pyramid marketing schemes, advertisements or promotional literature for services other than those supplied by R.P.G.N.

11.7.4 Posting to the Haelrahv website multiple unsolicited letters (spamming) or to mail through the Haelrahv server any such spam letters.

11.7.5 Posting to the Haelrahv website any visual form of pornography or disturbing visual content, or links thereto.


"Player versus player" (P.V.P, also known as "character versus character", C.V.C.) activities are generally viewed as one component of society in Haelrahv. Such conflicts are viewed as one available means by which a conflict may be resolved. The operation of some of the gaming elements does call for instances where players can participate in activities that are specificly targeted against each other. This section of policy covers many specific elements of player versus player activities. In all such instances of player conflict, by means of combat, theft, or other such situations, Haelrahv staff will generally not be involved nor issue any warning in reference to that situation.

If a player is deemed an extreme disturbance to the gaming environment by means of harassment, physical violence or threats in-character, or in any way causes a rift within the community that exceeds a threshhold the community is prepared and willing to accept, such persons may receive an official warning in their permanent record.


At times, players will engage in gaming activity while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and in such cases their impaired judgment may lead them to create an environment that is particularly difficult for the Haelrahv game community. In such cases the staff will contact this player to ask them to tone it down or log out. Should such behavior continue, such person may be removed from play temporarily and/or receive a warning in their permanent record. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to an extreme amount of disruptive speech, physical or verbal conflict, disruption of environment via game mechanics, staff harassment, or other similar means.


R.P.G.N. takes violations of policy very seriously. Policy is implemented and adhered to for the protection of the players as a whole and game atmosphere. Users/Players who violate policy will receive an official warning. Official warnings and player history are used to determine whether a player should be removed from gameplay and if so, the duration thereof.

The Haelrahv staff and R.P.G.N. reserve the right to remove any player at any time from gameplay for any period of time. Such periods are typically measured in a matter of days, however, in some cases a player could be removed on a permnanet basis.

Any accounts subject to removal will cease to be charged further service fees. All fees rendered prior game removal will not be returned, including any fees rendered from paid events or other services.


The Account Holder may terminate the Account Holder's subscription to R.P.G.N. at any time. R.P.G.N.'s owners may terminate an account at any time for any or no reason without regard to section 12 of this policy. If the Account Holder's service is terminated or cancelled by the game staff (and not by the account owner), no refund for any monthly fees or paid events will be granted, nor will any online time credited to the account be converted to cash or any other form of credit.


User acknowledges and accepts that R.P.G.N. shall not have any liability for any action by its subcontractors or staff's conduct or communications. R.P.G.N. shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages (including and without limitation to) loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any pecuniary loss in connection with the services or any products provided by R.P.G.N. In states which do not allow an exclusion or limitation of liability for certain damages, R.P.G.N.' liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


The user is solely responsible for determining his/her own computer networking needs and obtaining an internet service provider's service in order to connect to the Haelrahv gaming service. R.P.G.N. hereby disclaims any warranties pertaining to connection, transmission over, or use of any network connections or facilities. The user/player agrees to assume all risk involved with use of all R.P.G.N. services, software, and the internet. The services and software provided by R.P.G.N. are provided on an "as is" basis. R.P.G.N. disclaims all warranties expressed or implied, including without limitation, with respect to the services and software provided by R.P.G.N. R.P.G.N. assumes no responsibility for any damages suffered by the user/player, including but not limited to, loss of data from delays, errors, system down time, service interruptions caused by the conduct or negligence of R.P.G.N., its licensors, subcontractors, or user's/player's own errors and/or omissions. Any patent, trademark, trade secret, or warranty infringements, whether actual or alleged, are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the specified hardware or software product. And R.P.G.N. assumes no responsibility for any actions, liabilities, or damages arising from the possession or use of these software or hardware products.

User/player agrees to indemnify and hold harmless R.P.G.N. Software Inc. from all liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including, without limitation, attorney's fees, arising from or related to any breach of this agreement by user/player, or in connection with transmissions by or through user's/player's service account. R.P.G.N. reserves the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by the user/player, at user's/player's expense. User/player shall have the obligation to provide indemnification for such matter and reimbursement of all reasonable attorney's fees incurred by R.P.G.N. in defending such claims.


User/player acknowledges that R.P.G.N. permits access to content that is protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual and proprietary rights that are protected in all media and technologies existing now or in the future. This policy and any copyright laws govern the User/player's use of the content of Haelrahv and any publication on the Haelrahv website.

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