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Stat Training Costs:
Agility -2
Charisma -2
Coordination -1
Intellect NEUTRAL
Mentality +2
Perception NEUTRAL
Strength +1
Vitality +2

Natural Abilities:
  • Begin with 4 extra points of skill in: Archery, Climbing, Ecology, Fishing, Handle Animal, Riding, Skinning, Stealth, Swimming, and Tracking.

  • Popular Profession Choices:
  • Tracker

  • Bureaucrat

  • Performer

  • Guardian

  • Agent

  • Physical Description:
    A beautiful and graceful people, the Eolai are a wonder to behold. They appear much like humans, however their complexions are more often fair or pale, their features seem almost flawless in the eyes of most humans, though to other Eolai, the illusion of perfection is not quite so convincing among all of their people. They are usually five to six and half feet tall, and light in build. They are quick and fluid in their movements. The female Eolai have pleasant, warm voices that soothe the mind. Males have slightly harsher but a clear and admirable command of their speech.

    Interaction with other Eolai:
    The Eolai are a highly structured society in which position is very important. Social standing often takes precedence to family relationships.

    Interaction with other races:
    The Eolai are often considered to be the most egocentric race because they believe themselves to be superior to all other races. An Eolai believes that he has a special responsibility to take care of the other races as humans take care of animals they keep as pets. This does not mean the Eolai are deliberately rude, however the other races can resent this treatment and often relations between Eolai and other races are strained. The Eolai are not likely to start a fight, however if they do not believe they are respected, they will fight for the respect they believe they deserve.

    Interaction with the planet:
    The Eolai consider themselves to be the caretakers of Haelrahv and as such they are the most "nature-oriented" race. They are exceptionally good trackers and often enjoy traveling the planet. Despite these travels, they do not tend to colonize new areas.

    Interaction with the divine:
    The Eolai do not have a formal religion, however they do have several important deities. Haelrahv, itself, is considered the chief god. There are also four elder gods: Aiba Lli (the twilight god), Aiba Ekoe (land-ruling god), Aiba Oshib (sea-ruling god), and Aiba Aeceo (air-ruling goddess). There are many Eoba, or lesser-gods, that Eolai claim to be descended from.The Eolai do not worship their nature-based deities publicly, however they also believe themselves to be god-like and are very comfortable worshipping themselves in public.

    Did you know?
    Eolai believe they are directly descended from gods and believe it is their duty to care for and direct all lesser beings, including the other races.

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