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Stat Training Costs:
Agility -1
Charisma NEUTRAL
Coordination -2
Intellect -1
Mentality -1
Perception -1
Strength +3
Vitality +3

Natural Abilities:
  • Telepathic communication

  • Faster focus recovery

  • Arts bonus

  • Popular Profession Choices:
  • Mage

  • Medics

  • Psionic

  • Artisan

  • Technician

  • Physical Description:
    Alteri are four to five and a half feet in height and feature elongated almond-shaped heads with oversized eyes that are always a deep, black color. Alteri do not have facial or body hair, nor fingernails. Their complexions are a pale green to various shades of grey and may feature spots or other skin markings. Their hands, arms and legs are slender and as a result they are very dextrous and agile.

    Interaction with other Alteri:
    Family and friends are of great importance to the Alteri. In fact, close friends are considered part of the family. Alteri are not so concerned with social status and roles, so they are rather informal and have a playful demeanor when dealing with one another. The Alteri are capable of holding multiple conversations at once, so it is not considered rude to join in the communication. Their attitude is "the more, the merrier."

    Interaction with other races:
    Because the Alteri have an open and playful attitude, they appear to be approachable and friendly by others. The Alteri, in spite of their knowledge on many subjects and insight on complex ideas, do not intimidate others. As a result, others might ask Alteri to draw a map or explain logical problems in simplified terms so that it is more easily understood.

    Since the Alteri are so energetic and have the ability to carry on multiple conversations at once, others are sometimes annoyed by this behavior and have a hard time following all the commotion. The Alteri try to slow down for others, but sometimes inadvertently forget and fall back into their natural ways of communication.

    There was a time when the Alteri specifically did not get along so well with the Jadda due to a conflict over the city of Wargale, which was founded by the Alteri due to its magical ties, but their issues have been mostly resolved.

    The humans initially feared the Alteri, because of their resemblance to the stereotypical alien image believed by humans. Human legends associated the aliens with abductions, experimentation and other violations upon humans. However, they overcame their fears once they became better acquainted with the fun-loving Alteri.

    Interaction with the planet:
    The Alteri prefer to cluster together in safe settings rather than go adventuring. Since they are the artistic types, they may use the resources around for both media and for inspiration, but they tend not to admire the planet itself as a work of art.

    Although they do not explore regularly as a way of life, they have traveled in the past and founded two major cities, Virtuoso and Wargale. Virtuoso is a comfortable place for the artistic, musical creative types, and Wargale is a magical place for mages and psionics.

    Interaction with the divine:
    The Alteri are polytheistic and worship Loshei, which are muse-like goddesses that draw the Alteri to the arts. Some of the better known Loshei are Sala’Larasha, the great mother of all the Loshei and Sala’Reilvo, her eldest daughter, among many other goddesses. The Alteri also worship Sal’Veclav, the Sun God.

    Their intelligence and connection to the muses make them a highly versatile people. They are able to master magical, psionic and technological abilities with ease. Based on the traditions of their family and their patron muse, Alteri youth usually pick one of these disciplines as their life’s study.

    Did you know?
    Due to their appearance, humans originally were very afraid and naturally aggressive toward Alteri. Looking like typical "aliens" from Human tabloids and movies, these mostly peaceful people once struck terror in the hearts of Humans. Now Human and Alteri alike live peacefully together.

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