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Stat Training Costs:
Charisma NEUTRAL
Coordination NEUTRAL
Intellect NEUTRAL
Mentality NEUTRAL
Perception NEUTRAL
Strength NEUTRAL
Vitality NEUTRAL

Natural Abilities:
  • Start with 6 extra points of skill in all four core skills; receive 6 bonus skill training points and 20 bonus stat training points.

  • Popular Profession Choices:
  • All are suitable

  • Physical Description:
    Humans vary greatly in appearance, most being roughly five to six and a half feet tall. They are of generally average strength and quickness. Their hair and eye colors appear to be on a fairly small spectrum compared to some other races, though skin complexions are abundant in tone. Although the Humans do not excel in any one attribute, they also do not have shortcomings, making them a flexible character type.

    Interaction with other Humans:
    The difficulties humans had in dealing with other humans on Earth is notably absent on Haelrahv. There's a "we're all in this together" feeling so racial/religious/cultural differences are generally downplayed. For various reasons, Western and European cultures are prominent within the Human ranks, including language. However, many other cultural influences from all over their former world still exist in modern Human society.

    Interaction with other races:
    Humans are generally peacable with the other races, however they believe they are "the chosen ones" who are here to bring technology and culture to those on Haelrahv. This conflicts greatly with the Eolai who also believe themselves to be "the chosen ones." Because most of "the new Haelrahv" is human-influenced, the humans believe their way must be the best way and this can cause some friction with the other races.

    From the humans' point of view, however, the only race they are wary about are the Darjuans, although the now-humans aren't sure why they have this almost cultural distrust of the Darjuans.

    Interaction with the planet:
    Humans are painfully aware that resources are not unlimited, a lesson learned from their former life on Earth. However, Human society and the dulling of memory through time have lead the Humans to be generally more reckless than the native races. While they are less bio-friendly than the other cultures (except possibly the Darjuan), they believe they are being responsible nonetheless. They are more likely to suggest a wasteful way of doing things whereas the cultures native to the planet would re-write the human plan into a more ecologically-friendly option. For all their faults, Humans have contributed immensely to the advancement of technology, society, education, commerce and government. The footprint of their influence can be found in almost every aspect of modern life.

    Interaction with the divine:
    Over time, many common Human religions have become mixed with each other, as memories of Earth fade and society evolves. There are many religious beliefs and customs, most of which are somehow rooted in Earth religions, but the divide between religious thought is generally much more narrow and unlike their ancestors, the modern man is much less likely to see large rifts between the various denominations of Human religion.

    Did you know?
    Humans arrived roughly 300 Haelrahv years ago (600 Earth years) and have drastically shaped the culture and technology since the world was still quite primitive when they arrived. Much of the language used on Haelrahv has become based on Human English speech and writing, since it is the most diverse and adaptable language for the races as a whole to use.

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