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Stat Training Costs:
Agility -1
Charisma +2
Coordination NEUTRAL
Intellect NEUTRAL
Mentality +1
Perception NEUTRAL
Strength -1
Vitality -1

Natural Abilities:
  • Nightvision

  • Bio-regeneration (enhanced natural healing over time)

  • Popular Profession Choices:
  • Mercenary

  • Trooper

  • Agent

  • Tracker

  • Physical Description:
    The Darju are a muscular race of average height. The males bear a large mantle of hair that covers their upper back and shoulders, where as the females in contrast, have thin pigmented bands of skin.

    Their dress consists mostly of animal hides, and the type of hide used is also somewhat of a status symbol amongst their peers. Their protective gear is compiled of a leather hide base covered with layers of spiked leather.

    Interaction with other Darju:
    When in a group, they tend to be a rather noisy and boisterous bunch. Very primitive in manners and social structure, their status in the Darju society is based on the type of hides they are wearing. The more savage the beast, the more expensive and valued the hide. Boasting is commonplace and acceptable behavior amongst these people.

    One should think twice before inviting a Darju to a dinner party. They are known for eating with their hands and swilling their drinks, before belching as loudly as possible to show their satisfaction with a meal.

    This race doesn't place much value on the family unit, although it does have more importance than ties to their friends. Emotional ties are a show of weakness to the Darju, and avoided as much as possible.

    Interaction with other races:
    The Darju aren't very social in nature. They value their personal space very much and consider most other races as frivolous and weak in nature. Anyone getting too close will quickly realize their mistake as the Darju in question shoots him an evil look and a stern growl.

    Interaction with the planet:
    Born and bred hunters, they became as much a part of the wild as any predator could. Definitely top of the food chain, the Darju will hunt down any beast that they can. The more challenging the target, the more valued the prey.

    Interaction with the divine:
    Not in the least bit religious. The Darju tend to respect and admire great leaders and warriors. The gods and goddesses of other religions seem too unbelievable and far fetched to be true, in their eyes.

    Did you know?
    During their mating season, Darju males will wear low backed shirts in order to show off the mantle of hair on their backs. It is said that the larger the mantle, the more desired the mate.

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