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Welcome, Traveler

Haelrahv is a text-based role-playing game that incorporates both fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Haelrahv is 100% free to play! No extra fees of any kind!

Just some of the things you can do in Haelrahv include:

Alchemy: Create over thirty different potions that provide beneficial effects.

Business: Every world needs some red tape, make your riches as a Bureaucrat!

Combat: Take down foes with many different types of weapons and tons of unarmed techniques.

Connect: Meet other players, make friends, build relationships, role-play and just have fun together.

Crafting: Leatherworking, photography, pottery, tailoring, woodworking and lots more.

Explore: See thousands of locations, delve underground, climb snowy peaks, descend into the ocean depths.

Gathering: Mine for valuable metals and gems, forage for useful plants, excavate artifacts and more.

Healing: Be a medic, save lives, revive the fallen. You're guaranteed to be popular!

Magic: Cast many different spells - call forth lightning, teleport, invisibility and much more.

Perform: Make use of many different musical and other performance techniques both for fun and usefulness.

Pets: Pick out your favorite furry (or not-so-furry) companion, or maybe several. Don't forget to feed them!

Psionics: Use mental powers such as levitation, telepathy, spontaneous combustion and others.

Relax: Go fishing, or perhaps try out games like stratohunting, laser tag and more.

Settle: Buy a home, customize it the way you want. Stash your hoard, or invite friends over!

Stealth: Be a sneaky Agent. Pick the trickiest of locks, prepare deadly poisons and assassinate your foes.

Tech: Build your own droid to assist you and others, repair devices and create new gadgets.

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About Haelrahv:
Haelrahv was originally conceived by Rich Mondy, owner and lead designer of the product. Rich previously worked with Simutronics Corp. producing the Modus Operandi product. Those who have played other games such as GemStone III / IV, DragonRealms, and Hercules & Xena (Alliance of Heroes) may be familiar with his work. Haelrahv's development is supported in great part by a staff of fantastic volunteers, without whom this product could not exist.

Haelrahv is an eternally evolving product, content is added virtually every day and the staff are very involved with their player base. We take pride in our work and believe in providing our customers (free and paid, both) the best gaming experience possible. Countless thousands of hours of labor of love have been poured into the product, a trend that will continue for many years to come.

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