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Woodcraft is one of those things that can be done by anyone, but Trackers and Artisans are the best at it.

What Can Be Whittled?

You may whittle the following objects: spoon, rod, plaque, pestle, pendant, amulet, hairsticks, ring, badge, bangle, anklet, bowl, mortar, cup, bracelet, statuette, barrette, figurine, goblet, vial, hairbeads, pipe, necklace, blocks, urjakana, earrings, idol, box, doll, flute, harmonica, and cowbell.

What You Need

  • A carving knife
  • A sharpening stone - Not necessary if you want to keep replacing your knife.

How To Whittle

  1. This is woodcrafting so you need to find a piece of wood. The basic woodcrafting project listed above requires a block, which is made from a limb. So you'll need to FORAGE for a LIMB.
  2. Get your carving knife in your right hand and CUT your LIMB TO a BLOCK shape. This will take a few tries. Keep in mind that some woods are harder than others. You might even see your knife take damage over time.
  3. Keep cutting it until you end up with a block. It can be very tedious and you'll find yourself thinking about how much better it might be to go to the shop and just buy a block next time. Don't fall into temptation and pay money to "the man." You're got this.
  4. Next comes the fun part. You get to WHITTLE your BLOCK inTO the item of your choice. Mages tend to appreciate mortars, pestles, stirring rods, and vials. Performers would like flutes, harmonicas, and some even the cowbell. If you or someone you know likes to play with wards you can make an urjakana.
  5. This will take some time also. But eventually your block will transform into the item you were trying for.
  6. Semi Optional Steps:
    1. Get your sharpening stone and SWAP hands so that your stone is in your right hand.
    2. SHARPEN the dickens out of your carving KNIFE until you've fixed the damage you've done to the poor thing. Now apologize nicely to your knife before starting on a new carving project.

But Why Stop There?

That's what the game tells you, but there are a few more things you can make. You can also carve longbows and shortbows, arrows and bolts, clubs, staffs, and quarterstaffs. Remember when crafting weapons the quality will depend on your skill with the style of weapon and of your level of craftsmanship. Try the commands below:

  • TRIM TWIG TO ROD (that's for a stirring rod, and this is way easier than turning a limb into a block first)

There's More?

Of course there is, but I'll leave it for you to discover. Explore your nearest shop that sells carving tools. You'll find way more than carving knives and sharpening stones. Explore and be creative!