Crafting Arrows and Bolts

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So having bows are great for an archer, but it helps to be able to make your own arrows and bolts. What's the difference? Crossbows use bolts and bows use arrows.

What You Need

  • Stick - This can be foraged.
  • Fletching Knife
  • Glue
  • Feathers - This can be purchased or in the spirit of the game, can be collected from asapi and aeroks.
  • Tip - This must be purchased because our beloved leaders have not yet allowed up to make our own arrow tips yet. This is also the only difference in the processes of arrows and bolts. There are arrow tips and bolt tips. Everything else is the same.
  • Sharpening Stone * - This is not strictly necessary, unless you plan on making a lot of arrows. The process of making arrows will dull and eventually break your knife. It will be helpful to repair the knife as you go along.


  1. Gather your ingredients. Purchase your tips and glue and fletching knife if you do not already have these. These can be purchased on Echak and in Bosque. You can also purchase a fletching kit to store it all. You can also purchase your feathers, or you can choose to hunt your own.
  2. Get yourself comfortable in a wooded area. FORAGE FOR a STICK. Depending on your ecology skill this may or may not take awhile.
  3. While holding your fletching knife. begin to PARE your STICK.
  4. Repeat as needed. It is possible that you'll break your stick and have to start over. A lot of this is your skill in craftsmanship. Eventually you will see your stick shift into a SHAFT.
  5. This is where you start constructing your arrow. You will need to NOCK your SHAFT.
  6. This next part heavily relies on timing. You will need to get out your glue and GLUE you SHAFT. You'll need to be swift with the next step as the glue will dry up if you wait too long.
  7. Once you've glued your shaft you'll need to quickly put away the glue and get your feathers. Once you have your feathers in hand you can FLETCH your SHAFT.
  8. This next step is what defines your construction as a bolt or arrow. Get your tip and AFFIX your TIP TO you SHAFT. The tip is what defines it as a bolt or arrow.
  9. Put the arrow or bolt in your quiver and get ready for the next one because no real archer goes into battle with a single arrow.

Note Found in The Fletcher's Hideout in Echak

Fletching arrows is such a simple process, even a nowbi could do it. Let's see how you compare.
First, completely PARE a stick, using your fletching knife in your right hand.
NOCK the unfinished shaft.
GLUE a small dab onto the shaft. You'll need a bottle of glue in hand, in case you hadn't figured that out.
With feathers in hand, FLETCH the shaft. Try not to make a mess, eh?
Choose an appropriate tip for the bolt or arrow you want, and AFFIX it to the shaft.
Unless you're inept or the insipid spawn of a getok, you should have yourself an arrow or a bolt.

Keep in mind that harder woods are more difficult to work with for the fledgeling fletcher. Tough luck for you.

                                                 Lots of love,
                                                     Master Oehia