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Hunting in Haelrahv

There is much involved in combat in Haelrahv - this is not to be considered a complete guide on the different techniques to fight nor how every profession fights, but rather where you can go to find things to fight at your level and a few universal basics.

There's many commands involved. If you're a ranged fighter, you may wish to hangback missile and use <retreat> when anything starts to get close (neither will interrupt your fighting) - these work well on chith, but may not work as well on higher level enemies, depending on your stats and skills. If you're using melee weapons, you instead probably want to advance n your target.

If you start bleeding from a wound (The health command can tell you, as well as a "!" on your prompt), get this treated ASAP. You can call for a medic, and/or carry bandages treated with dermaplaz for your own first aid if you like.

When you defeat an enemy, search them to find loot and cause the corpse to despawn. set also has several combat options, including the ability to make combat messages briefer and control if loot automatically goes into your hand, into your pack, or stays on the ground.

Seeking out the correct places to sell each type of loot can be well worth your while. Stone slabs can be worth a little over a thousand. Some loot items will fit in a commodity bag, and so they will not encumber you if stored therein and seeking out a broker to help sell these items can increase their payout.

You will also find boxes of various types. Some are locked and trapped (but never one without the other), some can be opened freely. They might contain anything from junk to very valuable items. If you find a gold chest in particular, you've found something extremely rare - it's worth finding out what the items therein can do. Learning the psionics command sense (from the "object reading" ability, available to all professions) can tell you about the enchantments on items you find.

Levels 1~10

Asapis can be found in the abandoned park in Llanfair. Mostly harmless, won't give you treasure.

Chith can be found in Junabi Forest and the Enchanted Forest. Chith offer much better loot options than Asapis, but are slightly more dangerous.

Finding your way

Not sure where these locations are?

  • You can check Useful Journeys - If it's not there and you know the way, please consider adding a journey
  • You can take a look at Haidee's Maps (Unfortunately very dated in some places and others simply have no map)
  • If you use Mudlet, a mapper at Mudlet Scripts may help you find your way.