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Screenreader tips

Playing Haelrahv with a screen reader isn't hard, and hopefully the following settings will help you enjoy the game even more.

What clients work well with a screen reader?

Personally, I suggest Mush client, with some useful instructions for VI users And Vip Mud, Version 2, Direct download link

Vip mud Has a demo version, so if you can't afford buying it, you can play in demo mode. This means that you restart the client from 2 in 2 hours.

How to log on the game with vip mud?

For some reason, Haelrahv and Vip mud don't agree on the login screen, so the admin of the game implemented a separate login command for VIP users.

You don't type login thisisme this is my password, You use

vipmud thisisme this is my password.

Congratulations, you should be logged in!

How to create or log on a character?

Pay attention to the select word. It's written with kaps lock on. SELECT 1 or SELECT new.

Useful in game settings

Now that you are logged on the game, what's left is configuring the game settings. You do this with the set command. Here are a few that VI users tend to use:

  1. set TitleDirections on. It makes the directions appear after the room name.
  2. set RoomBrief on. The room descriptions can still be seen when you look.
  3. set Combat brief minimal It reduces the text from the combat messages.
  4. Set ANSI off.
  5. set AutoShare on It automatically shares the money you loot from corpses with your group.

Other useful commands

  • exits: It displays the exits in a room.
  • Alias: It helps you set aliases to shorten commands.
  • Hail taxi: When in abbindolare, it helps you call a taxi to bring you to the art center, the hospital or other useful places.
  • Dir. Sometimes you can use this command to find places.
  • recall: You can use this command until you reach level 25 to get back to the city gates.
  • @my and @me are useful commands when emoting.
  • message: The message command can be used to talk privately and out of character with another player.
  • History: This command is used when you want to see what happened on the channels while you weren't paying attention because of combat and so on.
  • Protect: With this command you can protect your items from being accidentally sold.