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Greetings, Troopers of Haelrahv.

Your current profession leader is Riley Jecuqui, located inside Abbindolare's Trooper Headquarters building.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn about or master as a Trooper:

Every tenth level up to level 100, the Trooper will earn a special COMMANDEER voucher. These vouchers may be used to purchase items from shops, valued up to the voucher's credits limit. The vouchers begin at 50,000 credits and go up by 50,000 credits with each successive voucher.

Level 4: Trooper squadron bonus (for multiple Troopers in a group)

Level 5: Trooper communicator channel access

Level 12: Trooper hand-to-hand stance

Level 15: encumbrance maximum bonus

Level 24: the ability to request an extraction vehicle via the command CALL EXTRACTION

Level 33: the ability to defend other players (currently only against NPC enemies)