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Shavcire Wei can be found at the A.R.M. Institure of Technology on the second tier of Abbindolare, near a large solar tower.

Drones and Droids


A drone or droid can be purchased in the room east of Shavcire - but be advised, in addition to the drone's initial purchase expense, 11 "Core" parts must be purchased and installed, adding to the cost.

For each part, install part into droid (or drone). If you have trouble, make sure you use the my pronoun, such as install my chip into droid. You can inspect droid to check its status. When every "Core Components" slot is filled, you can activate droid.

All core components can be found in the same shop you purchase the droid from, but you may need to look closely to find them all.


Once activated, you can command droid to do various things, and command droid help to see a list of commands. Replace "droid" with "drone" as might be applicable to your particular robotic companion.

  • command droid stay - Your droid will stop following you.
  • command droid follow - Your droid will follow you, with a short delay.
  • command droid arrive, command droid return - If you've been separated from your droid and it is not following you, this will bring it to your current location.
  • command droid display - show your droid's inventory
  • command droid stow - After giving your droid an item, this moves the item from its hands to its inventory.
  • command droid give -
  • command droid get -
  • command droid drop -
  • command droid look - Similar to 'look' as you might do yourself, but at your droid's location. Requires a camera module.
  • command droid observe - Relays what your droid sees as it happens, as if you were in the room. Requires a camera module.
  • command droid find FIRSTNAME LASTNAME -
  • command droid cloak -
  • command droid uncloak, command droid decloak -