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This information was taken from HELP PROFESSION 10 in the game.

A. What Is A Psionic?

Psionic is a profession that uses the powers of their mind in the same way that Mages use magic. Psionic powers are like spells in that they must be learned and then can be invoked and focused.

B. What Should I Train To Be A Better Psionic?

The most important stat for a Psionic is: Mentality needs to be trained as high as you possibly can. Charisma, Mentality and Intellect all help determine focus, to a certain extent, but for a Psionic, Mentality is by far the most important. You will want to train up coordination for battle, as well as agility for parry and evasion, and strength, vitality and perception.

The most important skills for a Psionic are: Occult lore and Psionic ability. You will also need to train Evasion and a weapon of your choice if you plan on participating in combat.

C. How Do I Gain And Use My Psionic Abilities?

NOTE: The following system is being transitioned out:

The library on the third floor of the Soleil Sanctuary is where you can read the placard and RESEARCH the Psionic abilities of your choice. Maps can be found through HELP MAPS. Recommended Invocations for a young Psionic include Piercing Stare, Cleanse, Unlock, and Telepathy. But there are many Psionic abilities in the list and they all have advantages. RESEARCHing an ability will tell you what the ability does and whether or not it has prerequisite abilities. It will also let you know how many Psionic abilities you have earned the right to learn at this time.

New system being transitioned in:

You will find some psionic pages for sale in the Soleil Sanctuary. Others can be obtained through the combat, fishing or mining treasure systems, or be obtained from your fellow players. You will need to craft a spellbook to INSERT your pages in, and most likely you will need an experienced Artisan or a Tracker to assist you with this. The shop is located on Echak and extensive instructions can be found within. Once the book has been created and the pages inserted, you can SCAN the book to see what invocations are within it, FLIP book to # to turn the pages, and STUDY the book to learn the ability contained on the page it is turned to. READing the book will give you basic information on each psionic page.

To use a Psionic ability, you first INVOKE the ability and wait for the preparation to become complete. You will see a message that your invocation is complete and then you can FOCUS it on something, for example, you would focus Piercing Stare on a critter, or Unlock on a chest or a strongbox. Telepathy is an ability that allows you to communicate with other Psionics and the Alteri race, who have this ability naturally. You will hear the thoughts of others and you can THINK your message back to them. Or if you want to send a message to another Telepathic person and only to them, you can THINK TO firstname lastname message to communicate only with them.

D. How Do I Level Up As A Psionic?

Find Gunther Meyer, who wanders in the Soleil Sanctuary. ASK GUNTHER ABOUT LEVEL, and he will grant you a promotion to your next level and train you once each in all of your auto-trained skills.