New to MUDS? Character creation and basic commands.

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First steps, How to set up your client

If you are here, you want to give muds a try.
First, we are very happy to have you joining the family. If you like to read and you like typing, you will fit in.

To make your life easier, here's how you create your character:
After you register on the Haelrahv website, you can.
Download the Game wizard (Direct download link)

Or get a mud client like: Mush client, Screen reader accessible version of mush client, Mudlet, (Not screen reader friendly) CocoMud (Screen reader friendly)

Or if you mud from mobile, you can try

Blowtorch for Android


MUDRammer for iOS.

Once you install them, you have to add the following info when they ask for world name
Mud Address or IP:
Port: 3001.
Save the info, then click on connect to the world. You should see text that starts like this:


Great job, this means that now you are connected to the login screen.

Character creation.

Now comes the fun part. Character creation!

To log in, you type login username password. It's the username and password you used for your account when you registered.

Now, the game should explain what to do next if you logged on successfully. So try typing
select new so you can begin character creation.

This is one of the first rooms your character gets dropped in.

[The Beginning]

Your time in the world of Haelrahv begins here. You will mold and form your existence as you wish before your life within Haelrahv begins. Type GO CORRIDOR to proceed into the corridor of life.

You also see the corridor of life.

You see no obvious exits here.

If you see this, it means that you're in character creation. So type go corridor.

If you see that the game asks you what gender you want your character to be, it means that from now on, all you have to do is to follow the prompts.

Type m for male or f for female.
When it asks you what race you want to be, to see what each race does, type this: ? To select a race, type the number of the race you want.

For the name, just think at a first and last name you'd like and add it.

All you have to do now is to read what appears on the screen and select the number you like.

Commands: look, get, drop, open, put

When you find yourself in the weapon selection room, you have a few available commands to you. I will put the command in (), but you type only what is between them.

(l) L or look is the command that lets you look at the room, at objects and inside objects.
Try typing l and (l on rack)

Now that you know what weapons are available, think what you want.
Try typing (Get knife) or replace knife with a weapon of your choice.

Now you have a knife.
You can type (i) To see what you are wearing and what kind of bag, satchel or backpack you have.

To put your knife away try
(open bag) (Put knife in bag)
(get knife from bag)
Or if you don't like the knife, (drop knife)
You can also use (Sheath knife)
(Draw knife).

To know more about a weapon or an object, you can appraise it.
Try (Appraise knife)

After you select your weapon or weapons, type go circle.
Congratulations, character creation is done!

How do i move?

Moving is pretty easy.
To see the exits you can use, type (exits).
Then n, s, se, these are possible exits.

For example here are the possible exits of the room you appear in after you finish character creation:

south: Abbindolare, Gladene St. and Third Ave.

city gates: Outside Abbindolare customs office: Abbindolare, Arrival Customs Last Call: Abbindolare, Last Call unremarkable door: A Button Kiosk of Mystery

synthetic entrance: INSTED, Intake and Assessment Area.

Try (go entrance.)
In that room you should see signs that will help you make money and learn more things about the game.
(Read sign.)

Other useful commands

  • (cash) It will tell you if you have money, and if yes, how much
  • (l in bin) Bin, box, it depends what's in the room with you, but it helps you look inside a container. L in, or, under, all of these work if you want to see if there's something inside or on an object
  • (say hello, my name is newbie mudder!) or you can use ' so you don't have to write say. Like this. ('hello, my name is Newbie Mudder!)
  • '>hael So, how are you?) Using'> or say >hael, Replacing Hael with a character name, you turn and talk to that person.
  • (newbie your message) This is a command that helps you ask for assistance from others
  • (wear bag) It helps you wear a bag, a shirt or whatever you want to put on your character.
  • (remove bag) It helps you remove something you're wearing
  • (sell x) (buy x) With these two commands you can sell or buy something you see in a shop
  • (l me) It helps you look at yourself, or (l bag) At other items in the room or on your person
  • (set) It helps you customise the game settings to your preferences.
  • (skills) With this command you can see your skills.
  • (Stand) It helps you get up if you fall. (Sit) You can sit down. Or if there is a sofa or something, (Sit sofa) Will place your character on the sofa.
  • (laugh) (ponder) (sigh) (frown) (smile) can be used to express actions. If you play with a friend, you can (hug playername), Playername being replaced with the name of your friend.
  • (emote) or (a) Will help you to create custom actions. )emote sighs and contemplates the complexity of this world) You can write anything here, and the others in the room with you will see and respond with their own emotes, answers and so on
  • (slash) (shoot) These are two of the many fighting commands you will use to kill mobs, gain loot and money)
  • (commands) This command will basically show you all the commands that can be used on the game, so far there are 666, so...Enjoy!

Remember, the newbie channel is a great place if you have questions or if you feel lost.