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Welcome to Haelrahv.... Time to make some money. Wine making can be considered an art form as there are three types of berries and different types of wine can be made from combinations of the berries.

What You Need

  • A vine knife - these can be found in vineyard supply shops on Loshei and Choudaku
  • Lots and lots of berries - You will need 500 berries per portable or 1500 berries per stationary fermentor.
  • A Berry Press
  • A fermentor - You can get stationary ones for your house or portables ones that you can stash in a backpack or in your vault.
  • Wine Bottles - You will need 5 empty wine bottles per portable or 15 per stationary fermentor.
  • A test-kit
  • Lots of sugar
  • Yeast
  • A Berry Bag - Not required but, akin to component bags for mined and foraged materials, these bags can hold a great number (near enough to unlimited) of berries without encumbering the wearer. They can be crafted by high level artisans


You will need 500 berries to fill a portable fermentor and 1500 to fill a stationary fermentor. With a vine knife in hand, you can GATHER a berry bush or vine. Unlike foraging, these do not become trampled; you can gather in one location as much as you like.

  • Sareie Vines - Found on Choudaku and Loshei
  • Shaeweio Shrubs - Found on Choudaku and Loshei
  • Loshei Shrubs - Found exclusively on the eponymous island of Loshei

The most lucrative blends are reported to use all three berries.


  1. Buy or collect your materials. Be advised: The vineyard shop on Loshei only accepts cash and there is no bank kiosk on Loshei. There is also a supply shop on Choudaku (untested on which types of currency they'll accept).
  2. You'll need to pick enough berries to fill your fermentor. You can process a partial fermentor, but why would you want to? I would suggest making friends with an Artisan to have them craft you a berry bag, but this is not necessary, just very helpful.
  3. Get your handy berry press. PUT your BERRIES IN your PRESS.
  4. Time to make juice. USE you PRESS.
  5. You'll want to DRAIN your PRESS INTO your FERMENTOR.
  6. Keep at it until the fermentor is full. You can LOOK at the FERMENTOR to see how far along you are.
  7. Once it is full you can stow your press and pull out the sugar. It's time to make it sweet. You will now need to ADD SUGAR TO FERMENTOR. Different berry combinations will take different amounts of sugar. If you have plenty of time on your hands (or a good script) you can use small increments to cut down on the waste. You won't kill the wine by using too much sugar, but the whole point to wine, aside from getting drunk, is to make money, not waste it. If you have time I would suggest to add by 100 units.
  8. For the next step you'll need to take out your test-kit.
  9. After you add sugar you will need to TEST your FERMENTOR to see if it is sweet enough. You'll probably be given a color that the sample turns to.
  10. Continue the cycle of adding sugar and testing the fermentor until the test-kit tells you that it remains unchanged.
  11. Once it is unchanged you can put your sugar and test-kit away. Now you need to bring out the yeast and ADD your YEAST TO your FERMENTOR.
  12. After adding the yeast it is time to SEAL your FERMENTOR.
  13. Wait 3 days, give or take. You can always LOOK at your FERMENTOR to see if it has been fermented. This is also a good time to start picking you next batch of berries.
  14. Once you see that your wine is fermented it is time to take your empty wine bottle in hand and DRAIN your FERMENTOR. Keep that up until your fermentor is empty.
  15. Replenish your supplies and go back to step 3.
  16. You can also sell your wine right away (to a premium merchant directly or with the help of a bureaucrat) or let it sit. Wine that sits around will gain in value.