Making Ingots

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Chances are at some point in time you are going to make it into one of the mines in Haelrahv and start mining. Component bags are wonderful, but what can you actually use the metals for? At the time of mining, not much. To make mineable components useable they need to be turned into ingots first. Ingots can be used for many things, including alchemy and forging.

What You Need

  • Crucible - Can be purchased for a home. Also accessible in the workshops for rent in the alchemy buildings in Llanfair and Abbindolaire.
  • Ingot Casting Die - There are two types, a home version and a portable one. Both can be purchased in the alchemy buildings. You will either need four or extra time on your hands.
  • Lots and lots of metals - Usually best in groups of 50, but that is only important once you start using them.


  1. Put your nuggets or ore into a crucible. Most crucibles will hold 200 units of metal, this is usually 4 bundles if you are pulling them from a component bag.
  2. Wait. When the metal is still solid there will be a load of noise as the crucible will "churn violently." You will need to wait until it begins to "churn softly."
  3. Once it begins to churn softly it is time to cast the ingots. You will be able to POUR CRUCIBLE IN DIE. Remember that if you have portable ingot casting dies these will need to be on the floor. Think about it. You are pouring molten metals into this thing. You don't want that in your backpack. You will either need to pour into you FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and FOURTH die or you will need to have patience and extra time to wait.
  4. Wait. Again. This time you are waiting on the molten metal to solidify back into a hard ingot. You are waiting to see that your "ingot has cooled enough to handle safely."
  5. Once your ingot has cooled you can get ingot and dump it back into your component bag, put it directly on a forge for forging into weapons, or you can immediately start shaving it for alchemy.