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Knitting can be a very relaxing project that has many useful applications. You can knit things to be worn, to be given away as gifts, or sold at a profit (hopefully).

What Can You Knit

There is no official list in game, but I can give you what we have currently:

  • hat
  • scarf
  • sweater
  • socks
  • mittens (This is a good one to remember to do in umber. Citizens love them.)
  • shawl
  • blanket
  • comforter

What You Need

  • yarn - Umber if you like helping citizens.
  • Knitting Needles - Maybe be purchased in Llanfair (Alteri Sector), Abbindolaire (Vee Hoy Complex), and in Chodaku.
  • Knitting basket is not needed but is cool and wearable.


  1. Grab your needles in one hand and your yarn in the other.
  2. This game will assume you are right handed and demand that your knitting needles be in your right hand. Haelrahv is not lefty friendly.
  3. You must first address your yarn and begin to KNIT your YARN TO your project. If you have umber yarn, then mittens are highly recomended.
  4. Just in case your needles forget, you must continue to remind them to KNIT your PROJECT TO your end result, again mittens are highly recommended.
  5. This will take a long time.
  6. Seriously.
  7. If you don't believe me LOOK at your PROJECT and you'll see how far along you are.
  8. Eventually you end up with your completed project.

Related Nskills

  • Tailoring