Forging Weapons

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What Can Be Made
Item Name Ingots Needed Type Description
Dagger 2 One-Handed Bladed Weapon
Shuriken 1 Thrown Weapon
Throwing Axe 6 Thrown Weapon
Throwing Knife 1 Thrown Weapon
Hatchet 3 Bladed Weapon
Dnuhze 2 One-Handed Bladed Weapon Darjuan assassin's long knife
Rdivlkot 2 One-Handed Bladed Weapon Darjuan long-bladed dagger
No-dachi 9 Two-Handed Bladed Weapon
Airaece 3 One-Handed Bladed Weapon Eolai fencing blade
Halberd 15 Polearms and Spears Weapon
Katana 9 One-Handed Bladed Weapon
Longsword 9 One-Handed Bladed Weapon
Grappling Hook 8 Exotic Weapon
Sai 4 Exotic Weapon
Two-handed Sword 20 Two-Handed Bladed Weapon
Aefike 6 Polearms and Spears Weapon Eolai short hunting spear
Heavy Ghimra 20 Polearms and Spears Weapon The ghimra is a long spear with a heavy point. A fearsome weapon of the Darju.
Vurpudn 8 Bladed Weapon heavy, curved sword of Jaddan origin
Zvudrtol 12 Two-Handed Bladed Weapon heavy Darjuan two-handed sword'
Naginata 9 Polearms and Spears Weapon

What You Need

  • Access to a Forge - Home forges may be purchased in a shop on the way to Bosque.
  • Smithing Hammer
  • Lots of Ingots - See article on making ingots.


  1. Put the desired numbers of ingots on the forge. ie 2 ingots for a dagger.
  2. With the smithing hammer in your hand FORGE the item you wish to make. ie. FORGE DAGGER The first time you do this the system will advise that you prepare additional forging materials worth a certain amount. This is thought to be based on your skill with that sort of weapon.
  3. Repeat until it has shifted from being a project to your new item.
  4. Get your item from the forge.