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Greetings from the Abbindolare Angler's Association! Today we're going to go over how to start your journey toward becoming a Berami Master.


To get started, you will need a minimum of: A Fishing Pole or Rod A source of bait.

A wide array of bait and tackle can be had at Tactical Tackles off Eoshe Walkway on the city's 1st Tier. Here you will find fishing poles, rods, contains of bulk baits, lures, fishing knives, and coolers. It's easy for a the first time fisherman to feel overwhelmed - but know that you need only a simple cane fishing pole to start your journey.

How To Fish

With a pole in hand, you can set off for the Abbindolare Fishing Pier on the lower level of the city. Here, you will find a fishing attendant who will not only sell you bait on demand, but will also buy your catches. To catch a fish, you must first cast your line. Do to so is easy:

1: Purchase a piece of bait from the attendant.



Now, sit back, relax and wait for the fish to respond. Either a fish will strike your bait and fish on! Otherwise, you may feel a nibble on your line. If you feel the nibble, the fish may have stolen your bait, so it may be worthwhile to REEL in your line and investigate.

Once you have your fish landed, simply retrieve it and sell it to the attendant.

Cleaning and Gutting:

More advanced anglers may also scale and clean their fish before selling. Doing so require the ownership of a [Fishing Knife] which can be obtained from Tactical Tackles for approximately $2,000. With knife and fish in hand, proceed to CLEAN your fish. Scaling, gutting and processing your fish will yield approximately 60% more value when selling to a Fishmonger.