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So you've probably been out hunting and found that you when you skin the creature a second time you sometimes will get yourself a chunk of meat. Or you may be into fishing and find yourself wanting to get a bit more money for your catch than you would normally. As a word of warning you will need to train a fair bit of cooking before you're not burning the meat. It is possible at the lower levels to get less money for your meat than you would raw.

What You Need

  • Some meat - Seriously. That's it.


  1. If you are cooking fish, make sure you CLEAN your fish before cooking. And remember, not all fish can be cooked. Some, like eels, are only good enough to be used as bait.
  2. Location. Location. Location. Obviously the location is super important. You have a couple options, some cheaper than others. You can choose to build a fire in a wooded location. For this you will need wood (try to FORAGE FOR WOOD) and a lighter to light your fire. There is also a grill located on Chodaku where you can cook your meat. And for those with the extra cash, or a friend with extra cash, you can buy a fire pit or a fireplace for a home where you can cook your meat.
  3. Assuming you have decided to take the free route, you will have a nice roaring fire started. You will need one last piece of wood, a stick. You can save one while you are foraging for wood to build the fire, or you can FORAGE FOR a STICK.
  4. Take your meat in one hand and your stick in the other and STICK your MEAT WITH your STICK.
  5. Now that you basically have a shishkabob, it's time to COOK your MEAT ON the FIRE.
  6. Depending on how skilled you are with cooking you will hopefully have a cooked piece of meat. If you have burned it... Well you may need to keep at it before your meat will be good enough to sell. For now it is time to PULL your MEAT off of your stick. If it is burned it will fall to crumbles. Otherwise you'll have a cooked chunk of meat to sell or eat if the smell has gotten to you. You can reuse your stick as often as you need. When done, you can always toss the stick in the fire to burn.