Abbindolare Taxi Service

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The Abbindolare Taxi Service provides quick transportation to a number of useful Points of Interest and can be used via hail taxi from most outdoors locations in Abbindolare. The service fee is 100 credits, but this is waived for new players.

Note! Destinations to locations outside of the city, such as the Goh Mines or Junabi Forest, are a one-way trip - the taxi cannot be hailed from these locations. However, if you are under level 30, you can recall back to the city.


 1] The Skyring                      6] Arimaris Realty
 2] The Library                      7] Abbindolare City Park
 3] City Hall                        8] Pure Brew Cafe
 4] The Police Station               9] The Dancing Caeishah
 5] Galaxy Sports                   10] The Dirty Sheet
11] Vee Hoy Memorial CommPlex       12] First Bank of Abbindolare
13] Abbindolare City Gates          14] Junabi Forest
15] Goh Mines                       16] ACC Housing
17] Post Office                     18] Sihil Estate
19] Picture This                    20] Aneo's Ammo
21] Art Center                      22] Security Inc
23] Commodity Market                24] The Hospital
25] Loshei Submarine Dock           26] The Doshaos
27] Marello Apartments              28] The Cardboard Village
29] Jarem's Books                   30] The Courthouse
31] Xelero Athletic Center          32] Ineshai's Alchemy Emporium