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What would you like to see?
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 Post Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:54 am    Post subject:
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Yeah there would have to be some cons to it, I agree, like after firing, your balance might be off and may take longer to aim to get a decent shot. It would be sweet to have a circuitboard fry up once in awhile that can be repaired by techs. Maybe even be able to use those circuitboards that most people find in boxes and end up discarding. Give techs another use for them besides making gadgets that nobody really needs (Sorry for saying that but its basically true. Better looking comms can be bought at the comm shop Sad ).
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Joined: 22 May 2004
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 Post Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:21 am    Post subject:
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there already are weapons that retract in and out of cyber hands. Razz

adding pulse guns to to the mix still sounds nice, though.
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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject:
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I personally like the idea of the gun arm. My thoughts in possibly making something like that would be like Vash's arm in Trigun (great show for those of you who haven't seen it Very Happy ) so that your arm would still have the hand just would come out of the elbow or whatever. Then of course stuff like the gun leg from Planet Terror comes to mind LOL.

As for cons, yes, I would see that it would take longer to aim and the recharge time would be greater then normal. Possible knockback from the recoil or some sort of severe loss of balance would probably factor in as well. Also I would think that, yes you probably would have to get the arm compartment for this weapon, and that it would be somehow housed in that, so there would be no storage space in the arm. Socketable weapons are something that I would like to create though and something that have been on my mind.

Just so all the Techs out there know, I am working on many things ATM such as new, more fun, and USEFUL gadgets (including Tech built weapons and vehicles and the built comms being BETTER then the store bought ones, which includes Tech being able to make comm chips from the scrap that is often dumped in the bin), as well as an upgrade to the study manuals that I think you all will enjoy! Very Happy Combat and medic drones are on my list too. RL has kinda got in the way of my progress but I hope to have some new stuff released before the end of this year!

As for vehicles, I was considering that Techs could work in teams to make to quicken the pace of the work, since it will be a time consuming process to build a vehicle from scratch. Also garages for homes so you wouldn't have to rent out a garage and store the vehicle while work was not being done on it. These garages would, of course, will allow for all assembling, not just vehicles. Also, certain vehicles would be able to be sold to the public, while others would be Trooper only, and I would like to see the parts be salvage that you could weld and assemble, as well as a shop to buy parts that couldn't be found right away. It would be fun for the Troopers to depend on Techs for the building of their vehicles Very Happy

Keep posting your ideas! I love to hear them and like I said I am going to try my hardest for some new things to be released by the end of the year Very Happy
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