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Welcome to the joy of artisans all over, the art of sculpting. What would Haelrahv be like without pottery? It would be a land without the sound of ocarinas. A sad sad existence. Ocarinas are wonderful things in the hands of a performer. Make one for your favorite performer and maybe they will resonate for you sometime.

What Can You Make?
small plate candy dish human pin
large plate beer stein tracker pin
saucer creamer medic pin
small bowl sugar bowl performer pin
large bowl pipe trooper pin
ashtray cosmetic case mercenary pin
small mug hair beads bureaucrat pin
large mug spork agent pin
cup square frame guardian pin
bottle round frame mage pin
jar oval frame psionic pin
large pitcher flower-shaped frame technician pin
candle holder star-shaped frame artisan pin
tea cup heart-shaped frame heart pin
tea pot leaf-shaped frame star pin
casserole dish flask-shaped frame flower pin
fork penguin-shaped frame leaf pin
spoon gamojab-shaped frame tree pin
vial asapi-shaped frame flask pin
stirring rod aiba-shaped frame smiley pin
jewelry box alteri pin camera pin
ring case jaddan pin palette pin
butter dish darju pin paintbrush pin
platter eolai pin hand pin
angel ornament bell ornament icicle ornament
candycane ornament sleigh ornament stocking ornament
snowman ornament star ornament wreath ornament
snowwoman ornament snowflake ornament mistletoe ornament

Obviously the ornaments are purely a holiday thing. Some items are purely decorative. And there is a lot of tableware which is odd if you consider the average table will not hold many items. Regardless if you do it right you can earn a decent amount of money crafting and selling if you do it right.

What You Need

  • Clay - Forageable. Do not buy unless you are roleplaying someone who doesn't want to get their hands dirty, in which case, why are you sculping? Clay can be found in most places where there is water. It case be foraged outside of the Sihil Estates gate as well as both the Abbindolair and Llanfair parks. There are probably plenty of other places where you can get it from so explore a little and see what's right for you.
  • A Clay Cutter - Each chunk of clay is enough for two projects. You'll have to have a way to cut it in half.
  • Kiln - Unless you have the money for a house and a personal kiln, you'll want to take over the pottery room in the Sihil Estates (there be bonuses here) or select one of the rooms in the Art Center.
  • Pottery Wheel - Generally in the same place as the kiln.


  • Etching Tool - Not necessary but can be fun. It may or may not be blessed by the Gods if etched with I Love you Trevor. :-)
  • Glaze - If you want that pretty look. Not necessary, but why not make those ocarinas look pretty for the performer in your life.
  • Paint Brush - How else are you going to use the glaze?
  • Brush Water - You have to wash your brush out.
  • Stencils - Again not necessary but can be fun.
  • Paint to go with the stencils.


  1. PUT your CLAY ON the WHEEL.
  2. Take out your clay cutter and CUT your CLAY.
  3. Store your clay away somewhere safe for latter. Be careful that it's not around to mess you up as the next steps could be affected by the clay. You may wish to put the clay in a backpack and close it.
  4. It's time to PRESS your CLAY. If you skip this step it will most definitely blow up in the kiln. Unless that's what you want, then feel free to skip this step.
  5. Once it has been pressed you can SHAPE your CLAY to your desired shape. Got a mage in your life? SHAPE your CLAY TO a FLASK. They'll love that. Or for that performer, SHAPE CLAY TO an OCARINA. Keep in mind to save your simple ocarinas as some of the citizens love these.
  6. You're in for a lot of roundtime in the shaping process. But once it is done, so if your clay.
  7. If you are choosing to etch your clay this would be a good time to grab your etching tool and ETCH your CLAY with whatever phrase you like. You can always sculpt hair beads and etch them with the name of your beloved.
  8. It's time to GET your CLAY and PUT your CLAY IN the KILN.
  9. CLOSE the KILN and you will be ready to FIRE the KILN. Because you most certainly cannot fire a kiln with it still open.
  10. The kiln with automatically cut off when it is finished cooking your product. You can now get your item from the kiln.
  11. It's ready to sell if you don't want to put any extra effort into it.
  12. However, at this point you can apply stencils to the item and paint the item. You can also just glaze the item.
  13. Don't bother with painting simple ocarinas if you are planning on using it for errand items.