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Roleplaying an Alteri
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 Post Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 7:44 am    Post subject: Roleplaying an Alteri
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I've recently started an Alteri in haelrahv, a few of you might know him as Cey. He is much like what the bio for Alteri's is written in the races section except for the distinct lack of interaction he has had with other races. He's an elderly Alteri that has been studying most of his life and is just now deciding to leave the books in search of more hands on experience.

I was wondering if someone could provide more background on the Alteri's. As in what type of species of animal would the most likely be related to, obviously humans are mammals and it would appear the other races are to, does this apply for the Alteri's? I heard one of the Jaddan's in the game say mythology has them as coming from the sea, and I do feel a sort of amphibious vibe when I look at them, especially with the skin its reminiscent of a fish that lurked deep in the waters one of my old science books briefly remarked on. A pale kind of trasnlucent glowy skin.

Also, just some day to day things, do they have a favorite type of food (fish and other seafood?), are they fond of the loose fitting robes that I know the psionics wear. It doesn't seem as if the clothes the other races wear would fit on them well (especially on poor 4 foot tall lithely built Cey).

Also roleplaying. So far I've roleplayed Cey as having a much more uh....distant view of interactions. Also I've played Alteri's showing affection with their minds via telepathy and basically showing an emotion rather than with a physical display. Of course I could totally be off the mark but I certainly enjoyed roleplaying the Alteri's as having such a big difference like that.

He is actually very open and friendly, though I'm sure a few would disagree. By open I mean, he says what he feels or what he see's, as someone mentioned in the game earlier he is utterly tactless when dealing with the other races, though this will obviously change as he comes to interact with them more often.

I would appreciate any comments from players and staff alike enlightening me more about the Alteri's and there ways as they would definately help my roleplaying which I haven't been doing much of with my main and am certainly enjoyeing doing with Cey now.
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 Post Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 12:55 pm    Post subject:
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Yes, Alteri do have aquatic origins. As a race, they can be as diverse as anything else and like a variety of clothing styles for example, but overly colorful, strangely angled or fit and otherwise unusual and interesting designs are common, matching with their inquisitive and curious temperments. But some Alteri are much more muted and are content to just wear very plain robes, cloaks and other such clothing, too.

As for food, again this varies, but Alteri are by nature more inclined to partake of various seafoods and vegetables (vaguely like Japanese food?) than anything else, but they are not all bent to this taste and some may enjoy wildly different things. Some may enjoy the most unusual or visually desirable foods possible, or variety, over actual taste or substance.

Hope that helps.
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