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Agent Wish List/Suggestions
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Seth Ventril
Disenfranchised Shadow

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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:10 pm    Post subject: Agent Wish List/Suggestions
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Just a list of things I would like and wouldn't mind saying available to Agents (all possibly, for some of the things).


1. I wouldn't mind a larger variety of traps, or at least different poisons aside from pain/black vial. Maybe something that affects the room? Like sleeping gas in DR, or hell...Explosives. Mm shrapnel.

2. One thing I really liked about DR's lock picking system was that you could mark the boxes, and this like showed what traps were on it and where the box was from.

3. Box Tricks. Again, another idea taken from DR. Rogues/Thieves whatever the hell they were called could try and pick/disarm while blindfolded if they had enough security. Would also be cool if you could dismantle the boxes, maybe into tech gadget parts?

-More Abilities-

For Agents, there's this whole period of reliably getting new abilities and features, and then it's suddenly cut off til way way way down the road. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of this gap filled.

Maybe some new abilities? Or even poisons. One that me and Yaru were talking about was a kind of Chloroform attack for subduing/stunning. Which you could probably separate. Chloroform-esque chemical as a poison to learn, and you would need this poison type plus a rag or something to use the attack. My idea was that this should be a kind of get away/subdue and capture move and would maybe bar aggressive actions for a certain amount of time, Yaru's was that it should just act as a normal stun attack (like blackjack).

Plus, for when Justice is released and stealing becomes more prominent, a black market (maybe like the exchange?) would be pretty awesome...And if not that, maybe a few select Fencers located throughout Llanfair/Chod to sell stolen goods too.


I've been thinking of this for a while, almost entirely inspired by the Trooper missions. Agents would talk to Hyas and request a job, or contract, and then Hyas would offer several types of jobs which would utilize certain skill sets. Example:

ask hyas for work
Hyas Tee chuckles and says, "What kind of work are you looking for? Ask be about ASSASSINATION, SURVEILLANCE, SABOTAGE, or THIEVERY (couldn't think of a better name for a thief-type job).

And you could have 2-3 different scenarios for each job type. One surveillance job might have you keeping tabs on an esteemed trooper, while a sabotage job might have you busting out a fellow Agent from a safe house or something like that.

This is all I could really think of. More to come as I get new ideas!
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Joined: 21 Oct 2005
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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:33 pm    Post subject:
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Wasn't there a post from Trevor in the Live Predictions (for lack of a better word) about Agents being experts in Explosives. Not sure if that means you will be the only one to use explosives or not. But some ideas for explosives could be:

- Flash Gernade
- Concussion Gernade
- Gas Bomb
- Mines
- Time Bombs
- Remote Detonated Bombs
- The Good Ol' Stick of Dynomite (could be the basic explosive learned)
- Flares (lights up a dark area for a lengthy amount of time, or signal flare for resecue)
- Fireworks (for the fun factor)

I like the aspect of poisons in the game too. I like the (forget the name of it) but the one that stuns repeatably. Also more unlethal poisons could be fun. Such as:

- The Chloroform "Poison"
- A Poison that puts its target in a sleepy or drowzy state that increase round times between actions.
- A Poison that puts its target in a Comatose state or in all aspects others will think the person is dead. (could even give a death message if you wish to). This could be used by the agent on themselves to get out of sticky situations or just the all around fake death.

The categories Seth listed pretty much covered every aspect I could think of for Agents:

ASSASSINATION - pretty obvious what this would entail. But there should be set clarifications on how the target should be killed. ie should look like an accident.

SURVEILENCE - again pretty obvious on what the agent would do. Possibly, level of difficulty could be determined by how close to the target the agent needs to get and how long to watch. Such as the easiest being just watching a person from across a street from a from a rooftop with a scope. The hardest level being something like having to get to know the target, hang out with him/her, basically undercover work.

SABOTAGE - This is kinda broad and can entail alot. Such as Sabotage a competitors store from opening. Or plant explosives in places. I will have to think on this one. Or hacking into a computer. Or plant false evidence on someone or frame the person of a crime. maybe a good name could be SUBTERFUGE (I dunno thinking as I go here)

THIEVERY - Could be just your all around bank heists, mugging someone, breaking into the temple and stealing a sacred arftifact. Or break into somones Office and steal documents. Steal the Crown Jewels etc.

As I was typing, I kinda came up with other ideas as well.

TERRORISM - this would be kind of like a major scale job/mission. That may take the help of other PCs. Like need a tracker to keep a look out. Need a technician to hack security systems or make certain devices. Mercenaries as hired muscle or gun (had to throw that in there). Such as Large Scale explosions on buildings, equipment, etc. The killing of many people in a small area. Hijacking.

SMUGGLING - basically given an item to take to a certain place. This could be beginning or basic missions. The harder the mission gets the farther you have to take it or check points you need to pass. Could say get randomly stopped by a trooper. And mission goes from there as you see it.

Ok, so this was longer than I orginally intended. But I just thought I would help give my thoughts on some great ideas posted by Seth.
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Joined: 21 Oct 2005
Posts: 68

 Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:36 pm    Post subject:
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Also to add, I think a Blackmarket or Organized Crime would be an awesome addition. Everybody can't be a good guy. With only super heroes running around makes for a very boring comic with no super villian to match.
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