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Psionics, The Future of
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 Post Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:49 pm    Post subject: Psionics, The Future of
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We, and mages, have a bunch of spells/powers that are planned releases, another thirty or so for each of us. This is great. I love having more and more new things to play with. I kinda have a question/concern/suggestion, though. Looking down the lists, I only noticed two directly mental powers, those being Battle of Wills and Psychic Shear respectively. Mind Control, too, I suppose, even though that just seems like a greater version of Mind Wipe.

So, my question is ... Can we have more? It was the eventual use of these two powers that made me want to be a psion in the first place. The materialistic powers are all great and dandy, but frankly, I don't like them. They're extremely powerful (which is unbalancing), they spam the screen like a mofo (which is just irritating), and from an RP standpoint, I've never understood them. Well, spontaneous combustion and pyrokineses I do, but the other ones I don't. Oh, and telekinetic strike/swarm. I understand those, too.

The spiritual side of psionics is awesome, and I love that because it kinda gives the whole psion thing a new look.

In the end, I'm just asking for mind-to-mind attacks, to kinda make up for the lack of higher end powers (which we really only have three; pyrokinesis, spirit cleave, and ethereal lance)


Also, on a side note, there seems to be some discrepency in the powers lists. I was looking at them the other day and saw the Fear/Nightmare/Fearscape/Terrorscape perception powers. I thought, "Excellent! These'll be awesome!"

Then I continued looking down the lists. Down at the very bottom there's a power called Whispers (which is psion only) which does the exact same thing as the anyone-useable Fearscape, according to the power description. Was this intentional?

Secondly, our only two mind-to-mind attacks (the ones I'm currently hoping will pop up soon) are useable by anyone. Was this intentional and why? I could see a non-trained psion being able to use Battle of Wills, since I see that as sheer force between two people. Psychic Shear is, to me, a more refined attack; something someone who was explicitly trained in the arts could use. This is also why I request some more attacks like these to be created and placed in our profession only lists.


Finally, to end everything off, I wanted to compile all the psionic suggestions from various posts and authors into one list. I am not taking credit for any of these (unless, of course, they're my ideas), but seeing as how I don't remember exactly who wrote them (I'm pretty sure the majority are written by Dante and Soul Torn) I'm just not going to list the names.

MindWipe: A current power. Currently reduces an opponents mentality and intell or something. Change: Would it be possible to make a psion-only perk to this power so that it could temporarily "fry" the mental synapses needed for Telepathy? (aka, affected person can't use telepathy for a time)

Second Sight
Notes: Perception Path, requires Glimpse and Psychic Sight, Psionics only
Using this will allow a Psionic to watch what is going on at an area they have previously memorized. While they are observing the Psionic will suffer from increased roundtimes.

Eyes of Another
Notes: Psychic Path, requires Mental Bond and Psychic Sight, Psionics only
This power must be focused on another person. After doing so, the Psionic
will be able to see and hear exactly what the other person sees and hears
until they release the power. While this is in effect, the Psionic is not
able to do anything that involves a roundtime. Anything that the Psionic
says outloud will be transmitted to the person they are linked with as if
using a private telepathic message, without the roundtime or focus cost.

Focus Reserves.
This allows a Psionic to tap into focus (for use with PSI only, not magic spells) when their focus is spent. Because they are already mentally drained at this point, there is a chance of nerve damage and stamina loss is common, causing physical exhaustion... but it allows the psionic to continue using their powers when need be.

Note, blowing your nerves completely out WILL kill you, so using this
ability when your nerves are badly damaged is not advisable.

Prerequisite Abilities: Necropolis Covenant, Spirit Guide

The Mindscape ability, simply put, allows a Psionic to project his thoughts
well beyond his/her physical body.

While in this disembodied state the Psionic is merely the fly on the wall.
Able to listen but unable to affect.

Upon the ending of the invocation, however, they must be within a suitable distance of their body, else risk becoming....detached.

There have even been rumors of beings that exist soley on the mindscape. Some say they are the thoughts of others given life.

>perhaps when using this power there are remnants of detached people who can only be seen in this state? Sort of like civvies for normal viewing, but the occasional "ghostly remnant" when using MindScape?

Name: Torment
Prerequisite Abilities: Mental Link, Terrorscape

Using Torment the Psionic forges a mental link with the target and brings
forth a creature(ideally of a slightly higher 'difficulty') which the target
must defend against.

Depending on how well the target is able to defend against the attack this
spell will either not function or cause a % of damage to the targets health.
The percent can range from anywhere between 25 and 75%. In rare cases the target of Torment has been known to drop dead from sheer fear of whatever was summoned.

Me wrote:
Someone of greater mental capacity could reverse the effects, sending a terrible nightmare back to you.

There were other powers, but I liked these the most, and would love seeing them incorporated into the lists, even if it did mean we lost some other powers. Many of the powers listed on the website have dubious effects, in my opinion, but that opinion is liable to change when we actually have a chance to use them.
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