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Some Haelrahv characters will be deleted on June 1, 2010. If you have a Haelrahv account that has not logged into the game in some time, please consider logging in. More information can be found in NEWS 44 in game or on the Haelrahv forum.
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[04.22.2010] GoPlay 2.00 released!
Version 2.00 of GoPlay! is now available at our websites. This version adds multi-account support, support for future games, automatic updates, and a few bug fixes. Please uninstall your current version -- this shouldn't remove your Wizard settings. Then install the new version. This will prevent you from seeing duplicate icons.

[10.22.2009] Cool Profession Updates!
Mercenaries have several new techniques at their disposal; Troopers get some new bonuses; Guardians just received a brand new set of 11 awesome auras to assist their comrades! Exciting profession updates are rolling in, come check them out!

[10.05.2009] Standard Account Perk: Collections!
A new perk for Standard account holders has been released: item collections. Once per half-Haelrahvian day (that is, every 9 real world hours), Standard account holders (excludes trial accounts) are eligible to retrieve an item from a strongbox found in Zugkim's Gamble. Monitor your progress on each collection with the COLLECTIONS command. Collection items cannot be traded between characters, and all characters on an account can pick an item out of the strongbox every half day. Rewards include several items with impressive skill, stat and other bonuses; a parchment that provides a full Haelrahvian day's worth of experience (18 hours of real world time experience gain!); a ring of teleportation that can be used at will (unlimited charges). Rewards from completing collections can be used, sold or traded to others. Zugkim's Gamble can be found on the first tier of Abbindolare. Look for a lavish tent not far from the Haelrahvian Exchange.

[01.18.2008] GoPlay! Vista Gadget
We're proud to announce the release of the GoPlay! Vista Gadget (available under Windows Vista). Check out our downloads section if you'd like this handy sidebar gadget.
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[07.30.2007] Windows Vista
Microsoft Vista users: The Simutronics Launcher does not work in Vista. To connect, please install ZLauncher:

[06.10.2007] Account Migration
We've performed a migration to join the Eaxia and Haelrahv accounts into one system. As a result, your account name or password may have changed. If you are unable to log in, please use the lost password option on the or site to receive your account name and password. Further details are available on the EO and HR message forums.

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